Thursday, March 28, 2013

manicure march day 29 - birthday manicure by spellbound nails

Hello everyone! I'm Ashley from over at Spellbound Nails. I'm really excited to be doing a guest post for Jess, especially one for her birthday!! What else could I possibly do but birthday nail art? With a little input from the birthday girl herself, I came up with two birthday cake inspired designs.

The first is a pink nail textured to look like a soft and crumbly birthday cake with white 'frosting' drips and bright pink sprinkles. This look was created with a base of Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl. For the texture, I first mixed a little bit of Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power with Beautiful Girl and dabbed this mixture lightly over my nails with an eyeshadow applicator. To create the lighter texture I used a bit of Sally Hansen Pink Blink mixed with Beautiful Girl. The drips were done with a nail art brush and LA Colors White. The sprinkles are Fuchsia Power and were dotted on with a medium dotting tool using varying pressures to create larger and smaller dots. Using top coat on the 'cake' will ruin the texture. If you're anything like me though you'll want the frosting to be shiny; to do this I used my nail art brush to carefully paint top coat over the drips.

This is definitely a mani that can be worn all party long. And they will be sure to get many an ooh and an ahh from your guests.

The second mani is one you know won't last all party long, but you'll certainly enjoy the looks of shock on your friend's faces when they see them! The birthday cake texture of these nails was done the same as the first mani. However, instead of adding drips I painted the very tips of my nails in a wavy pattern with top coat. While the tips were still wet I dipped them into actual cake decorating sprinkles. You'll need to work quickly and push any sprinkles hanging over your nails back; you might even have to remove some if they won't fit. Then lightly press the sprinkles down onto your nails. This will make them bond better, giving you longer wear, as the top coat dries.

I had so much fun creating these nails, and I hope you enjoyed them just as much! :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

manicure march day 24 - l'amour josie guest post

Fuchsia Glitter - £3.89

When the oh so lovely Jess asked me to take part in Manicure March (happy birthday month Jess!), I got excited. There's not much I love more than a nice nail polish, and my readers are regularly over exposed to glitter and nude nails. Being able to share two of my favourite things with you was an opportunity I couldn't turn down!

When I was deciding what to post about, I chose to go for one of my most neglected polishes - Chanel's Frenzy - alongside a newbie, Boogie Nights. Frenzy created quite the stir in 2012, and after receiving it for my birthday I wore it a couple of times, liked it, and then lost it in my sea of neutral polishes. After digging it out, I paired it with Boogie Nights, and was really pleased with the results. I've always got on well with Models Own polishes, and Boogie Nights is no exception. Released as part of the MirrorBall collection last year, this top coat packs a glittery punch against the simplicity of Frenzy.

For those who don't fancy shelling out a fiver for a nail polish that they'll most likely only wear on one finger, I decided to get a bit crafty and come up with a budget alternative. I already had this craft store glitter hanging around from my card making phase, so I poured it on to a clear top coat and managed to create a fuschia statement nail for a purse friendly price.

So there we have it. An every day nail polish with a glittery twist. Are you a fan of statement nails, or do you like to leave your neutrals just like that - neutral?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

manicure march day 14 - giveaway!!!!!!!

I couldn't do this special month with so many lovely ladies and not do a giveaway :) so I am getting together with the lovely ladies from Spellbound Nails, Love Life Lacquer, My Vickilicious Life and XOXO Alexis to offer you ad spaces to all out blogs and a little nail art set to get those of you inspired by our posts started :)

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manicure march day 15 - my vickilicious life guest post

Hey there!  I'm a fellow March baby like the lovely Jessica.  In fact, as of March 28th I will be 30 years old! This is rather terrifying! LOL ... I mean really, when did I get so old?! HAHA! Anyways ... I've been been getting my nails done for as long as I can remember ... in the 7th grade I got my first set of tips for my confirmation, and I've pretty much been nail-obsessed ever since!  Although these days I have traded in my super-long tips (and I do mean LONG ... I tried to find old pictures but I couldn't) for natural manicures, I still am a firm believer in always having your nails looking pretty!

I tend to not repeat nail colors often.  I love going into the salon and getting something new and exciting on my nails each time! I have wore a lot of nail polishes in my lifetime ... all brands, all colors, all trends ... From airbrush to krackle to glitter to magnetic ... I've tried almost everything.  There is only one trend I will not ever get into and that's the 'stiletto' nail look.  Other then that? Everything is pretty much fair game.

There are, however, a handful or so colors that have become my absolute favorites and I do wear them quite often.  They have become staples in my nail wardrobe, and my go-to colors if nothing else is catching my eye:

OPI: Russian Navy
Source: via Vicki on Pinterest

Essie: Wicked

Source: via Vicki on Pinterest

Essie:  Glamour Purse

Source: via Vicki on Pinterest
Essie:  Lady Godiva

Source: via Vicki on Pinterest
Essie:  Chinchilly

Source: via Vicki on Pinterest

Essie:  Soulmate

Source: via Vicki on Pinterest

My nail obsession has even made its way over to my blog! The Nail Files (#thenailfiles) is a weekly linkup I co-host where every Friday we all link-up our latest manicures, favorite nail polish colors, colors we are lusting over, trends, basically anything nail/manicure related!!!

Thanks Jess for letting me take over your blog today :