Sunday, April 29, 2012

review: essie fortifying mask

as you girlies have already seen i have a bit of an obsession with anything to do with my nails. after having short bitten nails for so long when i was younger i now indulge in all things nail related. so when i saw these essie fortifying nail masks while out shopping in my local tk maxx when i was home i new i had to try them out :D


recently my nails have become quite weak and are starting to peel very easily, these mask claim to strengthen and harden your nails in just 5 minutes with argan oil, vitamin e and hexanal (a nail hardener).  i was surprised at how easy these were to use. simply peel from the sheet and wrap around your nail and due to the silicon kind of feel to the wrap there is no mess and no residue. after having them on for 5 minutes my nails felt really silky. having still got another 2 sets of wraps left from my pack i can't wait to see what condition my nails are in after a few weeks of use, i'll keep you posted :D x x x

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