Monday, April 30, 2012

my 3 little miracles

in the past few weeks i have been using these products constantly and after seeing the results i thought it was about time i share them with you. 

so product number 1, almay smart shade perfect & correct primer. i've used primers before but have always found that even after i have applied my foundation i look a little ghostly and lets face it with my already pale english skin thats not exactly helpful. so the clear base was what attracted me to this product in the first place. the green and purple swirls correct the redness or yellowish tint to areas of your skin and leaves it really soft. i noticed a huge difference when i applied my foundation on top, my skin looked really even and there was no greasiness either (another huge bonus).

miracle product number 2, carmex healing lotion. i have loved and been using carmex lipbalms for years, especially the cherry one yummy :D so when i saw that they had bought out a lotion i had to try it. i hate lotions that leave my skin feeling greasy or oily so i was a little apprehensive before trying this but i was pleasantly surprised when it did exactly what it said on the tin - delivers healing and moisturization without a greasy feel :D 

finally product number 3 cox polish finishing serum. my host mum gave me this product after she won it in a raffle and honestly i don't know what i did with my hair before i used this product. recently i've been trying not to use so much heat on my hair so my lovely ghd's have been banished to my drawer for weeks but the same cannot be said for my hair dryer. so without my straighteners smoothing my hair its been hello frizz recently. enter cox polish finishing serum. i only use a couple of drops on the bottom half of my hair and then pat down the top half to flatten  any fly aways but i honestly cannot see a difference between using heat on my hair and using this product, so i get the same results without the damage, love love love :D have you tried any of these products before, what did you think? x x x

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