Monday, April 9, 2012

spring in your step

spring blossom in ballard
i am loving spring at the moment. as soon as the flowers start to bloom and the sun comes out for more than just a second to say hello its goodbye tights, hot drinks and scarves and hello floaty dresses, ice lollies and picnics :D hopefully this gorgeous weather will last a little while longer and we can plan days out to the zoo, beach and park or like i did today just lounge in a hammock on the deck enjoying the sunshine but who knows, this is seattle it might rain tomorrow. whats your favourite thing about spring? x x x


  1. I love Spring too... spring and Autumn are my favourites actually. I like how everything slowly but surely changes in to the next season. Thank you for following my blog today- looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in Seattle xx Anna x

    1. your welcome :D i love your the idea behind your blog. my sister and i love fashion. i'm going home back to england for a week vacation in a few weeks and the first thing we both said was can i borrow all your new clothes for the week :D i don't have a favourite season its more like my favourite one is the one we are in lol. i love a little something form each of them, summer - holidays, being able to sunbath in your own back garden and flip flops. autumn - layers, my favourite knee high boots and halloween. winter - snow, christmas and all those gingerbready smells :D