Monday, April 30, 2012


i found this amazing idea thanks to the lovely Anna. the concept created by Hilary is about uncovering things in your wardrobe rather than buying new for a month and learning to appreciate what you already own and even discovering those key pieces that maybe missing from your life.

so here it is girls for a whole month i am planning on only window shopping as lets face it i'm never going to be able to avoid the shops entirely, this is me here lol, but instead to rework my wardrobe to fit in with the wear, try and be challenges. i'll blog once a week with how i've done for the last 7 seven and take a few snapshots to show you how my trying on sessions in the mornings turned out.

cannot wait for tomorrow now, the first day is makes me want to twirl i'm thinking something floaty, i love a good challenge and the fact that this one centres around my wardrobe could not make me happier. i've already had a few thoughts on some of the challenges; top it off with a hat, fresh lipstick colour and colour below the ankles. but some we will have to wait and see what happens on the morning of :D

are any of you planning on taking part or have you already signed up? x x x

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