Saturday, May 5, 2012

review: burt's bees

this brand has been glaring at me from the shelves in the supermarket for ages screaming "try me, try me" and the other day i succumbed.

burt's bees has a great brand philosophy, "discover the beauty of well being. at burt's bees, we believe that true beauty comes from  using the best natural ingredients to maximise your well-bein, allowing your natural beauty to shine through." i love this, the idea that we should enhance what we already have to create beauty and use natural ingredients to do so :D

first i spotted their tinted lip balms. there are 6 different colours in the collection including pink blossom, the newest addition to my make up bag. it glides on easily and only a little is needed to start a colour build up. i added a second application and got a gorgeous soft pink colour that i honestly think i will be wearing nearly everyday now. the lip balm made my lips feel so instantly and lasted for ages. also it smells/tastes amazing, you when you decide which one it is with lip products, kind of berrylike and very yummy. i have a feeling red dahlia, a raspberry hue, will also be added to my collection before long.

i had also been testing their lemon butter cuticle cream once in a while as i wandered up and down the cosmetics aisle so this to also made its way into my basket. its more of a balm than a cream that claims to nourish weak nails and soften dry cuticles. my favourite thing is the smell, the lemoniness is gorgeous and actually reminds me of old fashioned sherbet lemons, the kind you get from real sweet shops. i only needed a little bit on each nail and after massaging it in my nails and skin felt really silky. 

i also purchased the milk & shea butter body wash which is supposed to be naturally moisturising  and leave your skin nourished, soft and supple from head to toe according to the bottle. now this is one of those products that does exactly what is says on the tin. i've only used this a couple of times but it is so nice and smells lovely, nothing overpowering just a subtle scent of almost light cocoa butter. i was really surprised at how well this worked, the minute i washed the bubbles off my skin was so soft and which lasted until my following shower. cannot wait to try the other fragrances particularly the ginger citrus one :D

my final buy was shea & grapefruit hair repair deep conditioner 2 minute treatment. since moving to the USA my hair has been the one thing that has unfortunately suffered. it is noticeably thinner due to the difference in water - something i didn't think would make a huge difference, how wrong i was. so recently i have been looked at products to help nourish my hair and hopefully give it back some of the qualities it has lost. this product did just that for me :D after one use my hair was lovely and soft and  my style felt my bouncy too, an added bonus. what i also liked what that the scent was hardly noticeable so i could still smell my favourite coconut shampoo :D

have you tried any burt's bees products, do you share my new found love for them? x x x

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