Friday, May 18, 2012

friday fun

time to say hello to our favourite day of the week again and to my latest tradition the high five for friday link up with Lauren at from my grey desk. this week has been busy busy, but throughly enjoyable. so here are my top five reasons why i loved this week.

one - the main thing that i am still loving this week (and honestly a little surprised about) is the amazing sunshine we are still experiencing. so this weekend my friend and i ventured to green lake to enjoy the gorgeous weather. for the entire afternoon we walked, talked, read and soaked up that extra vitamin d.

don't things just taste better when they are free? this yummy pot of frozen yoghurt was just that this afternoon thanks to my full reward card. after my local yozen being open for months i finally filled my card and decided to save my freebie for random afternoon. so i enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the sunshine with my pot of creamy goodness.

this week also saw my first 17th may norwegian parade in ballard, which was amazing. i absolutely loved it, i got a marching band perform their version of lady gaga poker face, a pirate ship shoot canons along the high street and a team of police motorcycles perform synchronised routines. this is definitely an american tradition i wished we had in the uk. 

earlier in the week i took the boys to our local beach, golden gardens, with their grandmothers for a bit of fun in the sun. armed with buckets and spades we marched to the beach hoping to build a giant sand castle all morning but instead we found this gorgeous little guy taking a nap on the sand. he was so cute, every now and then he would wake up and have a look around then turn over and go back to sleep. i've never seen a baby seal this close before and as he was wild it was just breathe talking.

i know, i know i am banging on about the weather but i am always in such a good mood when i wake up i the morning and its another day when it lovely and sunny outside. one of the other reasons i am loving the sunshine is that everything in the garden had bloomed, there is colour everywhere. even nipping to the shops is pretty this time of the year :D

hope you all had a good week as well :D x x x

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