Thursday, May 17, 2012

home manicure

there is nothing i like more than having nice nails weather they are my own or not and this week my own needed a little help in the length department so out came my pack of falsies. i prefer to use false nails that are not colour or pre cut as i can style them myself.

this is my little manicure kit with all its tools and tricks. some of them i have used for years, like my rimmel nail varnish in my favourite favourite shade black cherries, or some that i have only just fell in love with like burt's bees lemon butter cuticle cream.

the first step is to remove any old nail varnish with a cotton pad and nail varnish remover, this also removes any oil on the nails making the varnish glide on better if you are not using false nails. i like to use a four sided nail file starting with the roughest side to shape the nails and finishing with the buffer. next i apply a cuticle remover, i love sally hansen gel cuticle remover. it smells fresh and almost fruity and work really fast removing the cuticle in 5 minutes. after this use an orange stick to push any remaining skin up off the nail bed and clip with cutters.

next is the tricky bit - applying the false nails. i like to apply the glue to my nail bed first as i hate it when parts of my skin get stuck to the nail, this way also helps to reduce the mount of glue you use meaning their shouldn't be any leaking above the false nail either. its easier to glue all the nails on one hand first then cut and shape them using nail scissors and nail file before starting the next hand. for false nails i love using glass nail files as they are a stronger file which shapes the nails in only a couple of strokes. 

after all the nails are glued and shaped they need to be painted. one of the best things about false nails is that the varnish doesn't chip off of acrylic so your manicure stays fresh for weeks :D when applying your nail varnish don't paint right up to the sides of the nails as this is how the varnish bleeds, there should be a slight edge around each nail free of varnish. when your nails are dry apply a little hand cream just to finish off your me time manicure and ta da home manicure. do you have any manicure tips? x x x

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