Monday, May 7, 2012

book review: hunger games trilogy


so after all the hype over the film i decided to give the book series a try and boy i was not disappointed. the series written by suzanne collins has become a major hit overnight with the film skyrocketing in its first week thanks to talent such as jennifer lawrence, josh hutcherson and liam hensworth. 

the first book titled the hunger games was very fast paced especially the second half where the consents are in the race of their lives to be the last man standing. i couldn't believe how many emotions i felt reading this book; shock when primrose is chosen on the district 12 tribute, close to tears when rue loses her life and my heart melted as we see peeta and katniss coming closer and closer together until they are willing to lose their lives for each other.

the second book however has to be my favourite of the trilogy, catching fire sees all of the previous victors of the hunger games sent back into the dreaded arena as an example of the capitols power and how no one is safe from the games. here katniss and peeta make new alliances with people who have faced the terrors they have faced. i loved the twist in the ending (warning again SPOILER ALERT!!) the fact after everything they have been through district 13 actually exists and whats more they are planning the rebellion and take over of the capitol. also could not believe how many characters were secret members of district 13 all along, i was definitely sharing katniss' shock at this point.

mockingjay, the third and final book in the series sees katniss accepting her role within the rebellion but also coming to terms with what sacrifices a rebellion requires. with losses to her family and friends she has to harden her heart the get through the destruction of the capitol. i love the last in the series books as finally all the questions you've been shouting at the book get answered and everything gets resolved in one way or another. this book was no exception however i was surprised at the direction the book took as i felt the strength and determination we have seen all the way through the series is lost in the last two chapters. but i did like katniss' choice in husband at the end of the book :D

after reading the series i definitely want to see the film the hunger games based on the first book and as the screenplay was written by suzanne collins i imagine the film will follow the plot of the book, yeah :D x x x

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