Monday, May 28, 2012

portland here i come

this weekend my friend and i jetted to portland as i had a 3 day weekend due to memorial day. after getting the greyhound at some unearthly hour we had a fab weekend filled with sightseeing, food and shopping :D here is my photo diary for the weekend (i'll apologise now for the amount of pics but i just couldn't decided which ones lol)

1. portland cinema sign 2. saturday arts and crafts market 3. doors street art 4. powell's book store 5. photo college at powell's 6. so many books so little time 7. nose in a book 8. voodoo doughnut sign 9. voodoo doughnuts 10. portland cinema showing the boys favourite 11. japanese garden 12. waterfall at the japanese gardens 13. sand garden 14. william shakespeare quote at international rose test garden 15. my favourite rose 16. cupcales from jones' cupcakes, lemoncello, peanut butter and jelly, the pearl vanilla, cookies and cream 17. cupcake slogan, so true so true 18. smoothies at the laughing planet 19. the most hugest salad i have ever seen at the laughing planet.

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