Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NOTD: essie raspberry & mango bango

yes people i have finally done it, i've jumped on the essie band wagon. i popped into my local walmart the other day for some essentials and was drawn to the gorgeous colours. so i gave in an came home with two very summery colours, raspberry - a deep pink and mango bango - a peachy coral colour :D

now i'm normally a nails inc girl but i was really impressed with the quality of the essie nail varnish. i like an opaque finish to my colour which i would create with 2 coats but i was really happy with these colours after just one coat. i have heard people say that the only downside to the essie nail varnishes are the brushes, that they are to small and to paint you whole nail you need a few strokes. however i actually prefer the smaller brush it allows you to have a lot of control when painting and it meant i didn't make any mistakes either. i may have been converted to an essie groupie :D

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