Tuesday, May 1, 2012

retail therapy

i promise this will be my last post where i bang on about what happened while i was at home for my weeks holiday but honestly i was so excited to be home. haven't seen my family for nearly 8 months and even though the week flew by i had an amazing time :D 

now don't get me wrong i am loving living in seattle, i love the city, the people and all of my new little adventures. however i was so excited to go shopping with my sister of all things lol. so after a few days of family get togethers hannah and i spent hours and i mean hours going in every single shop in my town. we came back throughly exhausted, with bank balances suitably smaller but arms full of bags so we were two happy happy girlies.

while i have more than enjoyed the shopping in seattle what with forever21, old navy and francesca's collection, how could i not and my wardrobe can cooperate that, as soon as i decided on a trip home i was itching to go to primark, new look and topshop.

i came back with loads, i could pretend to be surprised but i knew i would lol. my first gorgeous purchase was a lace and chiffon navy dress from primark. its so girlie and i can pair it with a tan belt and sandals for those rare summer days or tights and my lace up boots when the rain inevitably descends. also from primark i found a lovely pinky cardi with adorable little rosebud buttons that i have already worn with my jeans and ballet flats. and for my final purchase i got a cream top with little black flowers sewn on round the neckline which will be making its debuts on my next night out.

my other couple of purchases included my very first maxi skirt, a little nude number from new look. to be honest with you i haven't purchased a maxi skirt or dress, even though i have purred over some gorgeous patterned ones, as i was worried that they might make me look smaller than i am (i'm just under 5'4). however this nude one was calling to me, so into the dressing room i when and low and behold with my top tucked in and my little black cardi on top i loved the result. i am already putting together outfits for it, think boots and tucked in jumper while its cold and vest and strappy sandals for when the sun makes an appearance. i also picked up a teal felt floppy hat in the new look sale which i have been coveting and a stripy vest and white lace cover up from h&m. 

with my thirst for english fashion quenched i am shortly heading back to seattle or by the time this gets published will hopefully be sleeping off the dreaded jet lag. loves x x x

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