Monday, May 7, 2012

style me may week 1

here it is girlies my first instalment of dean street society bow ties and betty's style me may. just wanted to say again how much i love this concept, for the month i am not buying anything new but instead reworking my own existing wardrobe into fresh new outfits.

day 1 - makes me want to twirl
this dress is making its second appearance on my blog because thats how much i love it. its my navy lace shirt dress from primark and this for me definitely fits the makes me want to twirl category. it have a lace top but a floaty chiffon skirt that when i first put it on had to spin around and watch it float. 

day 2 - bright happy colour
at the moment whenever i think of colour i think of my red lipstick. its my go to when i want to make a normal outfit just that little bit special. this gorgeous colour is from Yves Saint Laurent's rouge pur couture collection in le rouge. it is a real telephone box red that glides on in one stroke at full colour. i have found that it doesn't dry my lips out as it is very moisturising and stays put all night.

day 3 - jazz up your hands
these beauties were my last purchase from my old job using my staff discount which makes me love them even more as they were a bargain. the fingerless gloves are by Joules and are so thick and warm that i always feel like i should be holding a hot chocolate while its snowing outside. i love that i can wear them and still show case my rings and nails but most especially i love love love the cute little buttons sewn on up the arms :D 

day 4 - always get complimented
this is one of my piece that i would call a classic. its a cream tailored waistcoat that if i'm honest was a steal at just £14 from you guessed it primark :D i love this i can throw it over a simple white tee and jeans and the outfit is instantly smarter without any effort. but the reason that it is my photo for this caption is the quality. now i like primark but i wouldn't say their clothing is the best quality, i sometimes find the material thin but this is my fab find. the material is thick and its so well put together people always ask how much it cost (they are always surprised when i say the small amount) and where i got it from (again another round of shocked noises).

day 5 - put a scarf on it
i love scarves! for my birthday earlier in the year my grandma even bought me a odd shaped coat hanger that has loads of holes in it so i can thread all my scarves through and hang them up on the end of my wardrobe and yes it is already full :D here i have a combo i wear add colour to usual a black ensemble (jeans and tee usually) i love the clashing patterns and colours and the fact that one is thin and very long while the other is floaty and just loops once around my neck. these two i have had for years but i think the red leopard one was from miss selfridge and the blue striped one i bought from a zara while on holiday in tenerife one year.

day 6 - layer jewellery
ill admit i have far too much jewellery, my mum always says i could open a store with the amount that is stuffed in my various jewellery boxes and rolls but then i always think that if i had a sort out the next i think "ooh that bracelet i threw out yesterday would go perfect with this" and so for now the jewellery is here to stay :D 

day 7 - a world traveller
unfortunately i don't have a picture for this one as the thing i wanted to photograph for this challenge are now 5000 miles away back at my house in england. since being in the US i have bought a t-shirt from every big trip i've taken and am starting to have quite the collection; new york, seattle, victoria, oregon. but on  my recent trip home i took them back with me to leave there to make room in my ever crowded wardrobe. but i am using them for this post as they are a reminder of where i have travelled whilst on my big american adventure :D x x x

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