Sunday, May 13, 2012

style me may week 2

so week 2 of the style me may challenge is already done, feels like only yesterday i was writing my post for the first week, where have the days gone? i am loving this challenge this week even more especially now that i have got into the swing of things. i am finding that i'm actually saving time in the mornings as i don't really have to decide what to wear as the criteria are already laid out :D so heres how my week went...

day 8 - fresh lipstick colour
yes i have already done a post on my recent burt's bees haul however my collection had already grown. i am in love with their tinted lip balms. after buying pink blossom i purchased these other colours and they are now part of my daily make up routine. hopefully sometime soon hibiscus and red dahlia will also be added to my make up bag.

day 9 - used to scare you
honestly the thing that used to scare me the most in terms of fashion was colour. there was a time when my wardrobe would have been very dark, full of blacks, greys and navys. now i'm not saying that a wardrobe like that is a bad thing if thats your style but it wasn't mine, i was just afraid to wear colour as it would make me stand out but don't worry those days are long behind me as you can see :D

day 10 - classic white shirt
i have a couple of white shirts but i don't really wear them till summer but with all the gorgeous sunshine we have had here in seattle the past couple of weeks this challenge was no problem. i love layering my white shirts and for a bit of a country feel i tie this one at the waist.

day 11 - colour below the ankles
this has to be one of my favourite challenges. i love coloured shoes and these little beauties have to be my favourite pair. i love the magenta colour but also the little cut away details on the heels. this pair i bought in the george range in asda a couple of years ago for around £15, which obviously makes me love them even more.

day 12 - garden party
this challenge again i found really easy because of our recent fortune with the weather. this dress i bought last summer from h&m for a summer bbq. its just so lovely all floaty and flowery it just screams summer to me.

day 13 - seen on a style blog
this cute little nail art trick i found on jade stobbs' blog a little lipstick. i thought it would be really difficult to replicate but i was pleasantly surprised. first apply your base colour and let it dry completely. then cut really thin strips of tape  making sure that the strips are longer than your nails so you have something to hold on to when you need to remove them and lay over your base leaving gaps in between. paint your top colour over the tap and carefully peel off the tape while the nail varnish is still wet and voila humbug striped nails :D 

day 14 - all about the eyes
this one was actually a difficult one for me as i don't really do anything special to my eyes because if i want to jazz up my make up i focus on my lips to add colour. i have an everyday eyeshadow (maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadow in 25 bad to the bronze) that i apply all over my lid. then i line up upper lid with maybelline master drama eye liner in midnight master adding a little flick in the corner of my lid. finally i coat my lashes in a couple of layers of maybelline illegal length fiber extensions mascara, my little flash eyelashes in a tube and i'm done :D

i really enjoyed this week's style me may challenge and cannot wait for next week expect lot a of colour next week girlies x x x

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