Friday, May 25, 2012

thank god its...friday :D

here it is girls, the weekly review :D slow week this time thanks to me being struck down my the bug that is going round at preschool, ooh the negative side affect of working with children - the constant germs i am exposed to lol. but i have dug deep and here is my high five for friday post with lauren from at my grey desk...

1. i have a new exercise routine i am really excited about starting it. i have tried lots of different forms of exercise but this feels like it might be the one. its very simple and is all about repetition and shouldn't take too long to complete daily either :D

2. i wrote a bucket list this week for another post and really enjoyed the experience, i love lists but this one made me feel empowered by seeing the things i wanted to do that i have already done and what amazing things i still have left to do.

3. memorial day weekend means a three day weekend for me, so my friend and i are making the most of it and heading to Portland :D very excited as i get to tick off another city on my map and cannot wait to get lost in Powell's and have a sugar overload at voodoo doughnut :D

4. after many years of waiting i have finally finished the inheritance series by christopher paolini. the final instalment was published a few months ago so my mum bought it for me so i could take it back to the us after my trip home and after waiting years for it to come out i spent the last few days glued to its pages. i love reading the last in the series of things as all of my questions that i have been screaming at the pages finally get answered and this one was no exception. although i was surprised by the turn of events at the end i was glad my favourite characters got the ending they deserved :D

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5. last thing.. yeah for friday in general. i know i have said it before but i cannot believe how quickly time is flying while i am living my american adventure and i am loving each and every minute of it :D


  1. great list!! enjoy your memorial day weekend :)

    neat blog you have!!

    1. thankyou :D i had a look at yours too, i love the book club link up. i am a definite book worm so is perfect for me, look out for my reviews soon :D