Saturday, June 30, 2012

east coast holiday

sorry for my lack of blogging but i have been sunning it up on the east coast for the past week and i have the tan lines to prove it :D with my very lovely host family i flew to connecticut last week to spend time with family and then on to boston for a few days. it was so nice to just relax for a week even if i still had three boys running round but we soon found out the promise of swimming and ice cream made the perfect good behaviour tool. also managed to have dinner and a catch up with a friend who moved to boston a few months ago. bit of a photo diary coming up just so you can see my highlights from my trip :D x x x

1. paddling 2. best ice cream place 3. fun at the lake 4. mystic seaport cute houses 5. down at the docks 6. bit of american history william whipples house, signer of the declaration of independence 7. boston bound!!! 8. city skyline and sunny days :D 9. freedom trail 10. riding the swan boats 11. make way for ducklings 12. italian ices in boston common 13. hero memorial

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