Friday, June 15, 2012

favourite moments

its that time again, friday already which means a post with Lauren at from my grey desk. now normally i would look back at my week and let you guys know what i've been up to ( and yes remind myself what i have done) however this week was a little different. i had a big thing happen this week, i signed my contract to stay working in the states for another year!!!! i am so excited that i am going to stay and see more of america but also get to be with my friends and the family to which i am now a member of.

so instead i decided i would do things a little differently this week and look back at my time in america and pick my 5 favourites things that i have been lucky enough to have happen to me for the high five for friday link up.

1. once i actually started writing this post i found it really difficult to just pick 5 things but here we go. the first thing is travelling. in the past 9 months i have been lucky enough to go to new york, seattle, vancouver, victoria, the oregon coast and portland. i love seeing what america has to offer when travelling like culture, food, music and sight seeing and all of these places have not disappointed.


2. initially when i decided to move 5000 miles away from home i was so nervous about not knowing anyone and not being able to make friends, easy to say now but should not have worried. i have met the most amazing group of people from all over the world, who in what i feel like is quite a short space of time, have got to know me inside out and now can make me laugh at the drop of a hat and are always there if i need to talk. love you girlies :D

3.  the other really important thing to mention when talking about people i have met are the family who i work for and live with. from the minute i got here i have been treated like i was part of the family, the boys grandma said that the au pairs are like her granddaughters as she only has grandsons. there is never anything i don't get included in or get invited to and although looking after 3 boys under 8 can be difficult at times i wouldn't change it for the world as i now can't imagine not being here.

4. i am now an honorary seattlite, can't believe i love a city so much, there is always something to do. especially after coming from a little town in the north of england seattle is just vibrant and so full of life.  even after being here for 9 months i still feel like there are things i need and want to do. some will wait for when i have my visitors but others are already on my summer to do list.

5. the last thing i picked as one of my favourite things of this experience so far is what it has done to me as an individual. i am so much more independent now in both big ways and small. i look after my self completely, laundry and all. but i am now also brave enough to fly across the world alone (my mum was so shocked when i got off the plane in the uk and said all 3 of my flights were fine lol). it has also made me appreciate what i have already. my amazing family and friends back home were so supportive of my decision to move to america and even after all this time when i went back home they let me just fit right back in as if i had never been away. finally i am loving the opportunities i have over here; travel, meeting new people and going back to college to do something completely random just because i can (singing, dance, french and now portuguese).

i am really excited about what is still to come during my american adventure. there are too many things to mention them all but to name a few... visits from my family and best friend in the fall, getting to be part of the holidays coming up and all of the places i am going to get to go to including the east coast in a couple of weeks.

if anyone had told me a few years ago that i would be living and working in america i would have told them to be serious but i love it and thats because of the amazing people i have had the privilege of meeting while on my american adventure, love you all x x x

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