Friday, June 15, 2012

book club review: masques & wolfsbane

today i am linking up with heather from blonde undercover blonde for a book review for my reads of the week. i have read and loved the mercy thompson series by patricia briggs for the last couple of years and whenever a new addition pops up its the first thing in my basket on amazon. so when i stubbled onto this mini series i had to give it ago.

masques synopsis:
"after an upbringing of proper behaviour and oppressive expectations, aralorn fled her noble birthright for a life of adventure as a mercenary spy. but her latest mission involves more peril than she ever imagined. agents of sianim have asked her to gather intelligence on the increasingly popular and powerful sorcerer geoffrey ae'magi. soon aralorn comes to see past the man's striking charisma-and into a soul as corrupt and black as endless night. and few have the will to resist the sinister might of the ae'magi and his minions. so aralorn, aided by her enigmatic companion, wolf, jions the rebellion against the ae'magi. but in a war against a foe armed with the power of illusion, how do you know who the true enemy is-or where he will strike next?"

wolfsbane synopsis:
"for the last ten years, shapeshifting mercenary aralorn has led a dangerous existence-a far cry from her noble upbringing. now she must return home under the most unfortunate circumstances. her father, the lyon of lambsholds, has passed away. but when aralorn and her compainion wolf arrive, the combination of their magic uncovers something wonderful yet alarming-her father is not actually dead, but only appears so. yet a dark mist is also very much alive within him... the lyon of lambshold had been ensorcelled by the ae'magi, who's using him as a conduit to finally destroy aralorn and wolf. with her father as the pawn, can aralorn overcome this mysterious sorcery? or will she finally fall to the blackest of magic, losing not only her one and true companion but also her life...?

once again patricia briggs has come through. these books felt like someone had put the arthurian legends, a witch's cookbook and a romance novel into a pan and stirred. aralorn holds her own against the more powerful characters in the story coming into her powers as it progresses. but my favourite character has to be wolf, the unstoppable reformed bad boy. their story is so lovely-her helping him to understand love while he brings out her magic. the final page in the second book, wolfsbane, nearly had me in tears, it was so romantic and heart wrenching.

i would definitely recommend these books whether you have read any patricia briggs before or not. we as the reader are immediately captivated in the story as whereas some book go about setting the scene and learning about the past, these allow you to jump right in the the present day and learn about what the characters have been through as it affects them along the way. love love love :D

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