Friday, June 1, 2012

why i love fridays

that time of the week again people. so here i am linking up with Lauren at from my grey desk for high five for friday, a post to just take the time to appreciate the good things that have happened this week :D


1. came back late on sunday evening after an amazing weekend spent in portland (see full post here). i love that as an au pair i have the opportunity and the freedom to travel the states. so far i have worked my way down the upper west coast on various weekend trips but this summer i will make the leap to the east coast :D


2. as an honorary american during my au pair years i am learning about and loving all of the national holidays. they are so very different from the ones back home in the uk, but i am not going to complain about my 4 day week thanks to memorial day.


3. this week i have been pumping the gas so to speak. i have not spent this much time driving in america in all of my 9 months here. so much so that now i feel confident enough to start the process of taking my american driver's test. so excited as i honestly thought i would never get to grips with driving on the wrong side of the road lol.

4. last night i was invited to my community counsellor house for dinner as a welcome to the extension program as an au pair. i am signing up for another year taking my total stay in the states to 25 months come the end of it next october. after an amazing meal me and the other girls talked and talked about everything, what we love here and what we don't, what we are looking forward to at home and again what we are not but the one question that each girl gave the same answer to: what are you going to do after you go home? and the answer TRAVEL!!! :D

5. during the meal my community counsellor read out emails from our host families just to say how much they appreciate us and what we do and how much they are looking forward to having us in their lives for another year. i was nearly in tears, it was so sweet. so i just wanted to take the chance to say how lucky i am to live and work with a family who have not only made me feel like a member but got me to fall head of heels for them including the cat lol :D

hope you all had a lovely week x x x

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