Friday, June 8, 2012

yeah for the weekend :D

yeah its the weekend :D so here i am again linking up with Lauren for high five for friday. long week at work this week so i've been busy busy busy and at the end of the day pretty beat but here are my highlights from the week :D

1. we had a jubilee tea party this week, complete with victoria sponge cake, trifle, pimms and finger sandwiches. the boys all made homemade british and english flags and did a little parade around the living room for us. nice having a little touch of home here in the states every now and then.

2. cuddles! woke up this morning to this little girl all snuggled up on my bed. then when my bed was no longer deemed good enough she decided to sleep on me instead.

3. cosmo, netflix and ice ream, the perfect thursday night in, yummy :D and finally finished re-reading the his dark materials trilogy by philip pullman. i'm trying not to buy new books while i am in the states as it will be a nightmare to take them home so i'm relying on the library for my book addiction. i read this series when i was younger and loved it and it didn't disappoint the second time round either.

4. this week i have officially living in the US for 9 months!!! omg time has just flown by but i am loving every minute of my american adventure and later this week i will be signing my contract to extend for another year :D

5. the weekend is here!!! tonight i am going out with my friends for drinks, making the most of our girlie friday nights out as their time in the US is almost up. then lunch and movies on saturday to see madagascar 3 - yes i know its aimed at the under 12s but i can't help it the lemurs have me in stitches all the time :D

hope you all have a great friday and weekend, thanks for stopping by x x x

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