Saturday, July 28, 2012

100 things that make me happy #1

these past couple of weeks i've been feeling a bit down as i have come to realise some things all at the same time. come august the amazing group of friends i have meet whilst here in the states will finish their working year in america and go back to their home countries, someone else in my life will also deploy to the middle east for 8 months at the same time and i'm on the countdown for my family visit in september which is leading me down the path of homesickness.

so with this all in mind i felt like doing a little pick me up post to remind me of what i still have that i am grateful for and the things that make me smile to lift my spirits a little. so here is my list of 25 things that have made me happy this week, the full list will be completed ver the next few weeks :D

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1. sunshine
2. frozen yoghurt
3. skyping with home
4. reading harry potter to the boys
5. brazilian carnaval 
6. new summer dresses
7. cinnamon pancakes
8. people coming back from trips
9. looking through photos
10. tax rebate
11. funny youtube clips
12. early work finishes
13. blogging
14. sushi with the girls
15. parades
16. long lie ins
17. texting
18. citrus body wash
19. ice cold white wine
20. french lessons
21. planning holidays
22. good times owl city & carley rae jepsen
23. catching up
24. perfume samples
25. golden glow


  1. thank-you for the comment my lovely, cinnamon pancakes sound so yummy!
    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

    1. your welcome, love looking through your blog your photos are amazing :)