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book club review: gray, showalter, meredith, galenorn

as i have mentioned loads of times before i love a good book, in fact i would love a million good books and i love nothing more than being called a book worm. my best friend and i have a joke that i made her into a book worm, as she now has her own mini library like mine in her room, and she made me a food snob, i'm all about the cava and oysters now - thanks woman, my tastes are now very expensive lol.

so today i am linking up with heather from blonde undercover blonde to report on my latest reads. this little haul i read whilst on my hollies and i will warn you lovely readers i am a very fast reader so it is a haul. so i thought i would do a little review for each to give you a taste of what they are all like, and i couldn't pick just one to review as they were all fab :)

afterlife: an evernight novel by claudia gray

this is the fourth book in the evernight series. i started reading this years ago when it first came out and although its not my favourite series i am one of those people who has to know what happens in the end, so i'll read it anyway. sorry if you haven't read any of these before but spoiler coming up... after vampire born bianca dies and turns into a ghost she has to decide to either move on or stay earth bound with her love, vampire hunter turned new vampire lucas. its the ultimate lovey dovey ending but i love it when that happens even if this ending is a little unconventional with the states of the main characters. the best thing about this read is the secondary characters, balthazar, ranulf, vic and raquel; they provide loads of snide comments and jokes all the way through the series :)

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the darkest secret by gena showalter

again another book from a series, sorry readers i am a sucker for a good series. this one is a new take on the pandora's box story. when pandora was given the responsibility of guarding the box containing the worlds sin, the guards of the ancient greeks felt they had been cheated so as punishment they killed pandora and opened the box. however the demons inside found new homes in these warriors making them immortal and giving them a never ending punishment. the series follows these immortals as they all learn to fall in love after centuries of blood and death. this book follows amun the keeper of the demon of secrets, who hasn't said a word in centuries to stop any secrets he learns from the thoughts of those around him from spilling out. here he learns to love and find a kindred spirit who he can finally be himself around. i love this series so i wasn't surprised when i loved the latest instalment. at this stage in the series we start to learn more truths about what went on around the time of pandora's box, love it when those little nagging questions you actually start to ask the book out loud finally get answered :)

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betrayal: a dark touch novel by amy meredith

this book is my least favourite in this little bundle. after a series of supernatural events occur in her town eve discovers she is the one who must stop all the weird and dangerous happenings with the powers she inherited from her ancestor the deepdene witch. this time a demon is causing a plague that causing the human population of the town to get really ill and eventually not be able to move or speak until the start to decompose, so that he can feed on them. this is definitely more of a teen read and it was honestly a book that i flew through reading in a day by the pool. there are some redeeming qualities to this novel, the idea of the demon causing the plague to gather and render his prey powerless for his binge session was definitely original and i love the character of jess in the series (not just because we share our name lol) but she is one of those people who speaks her mind straight away without realising what she has just said, makes for some great comic moments.

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blood wyne by yasmine galenorn

yes i did save the best till last. i am loving this series at the moment. it follows the lives of 3 sisters who are part human and part fae and their adventures since they have moved to earth from otherworld, a place where all the inhabitants are supernatural beings; werewolves, demons, vampires, ghosts you name it. as the books progress they are narrated in turn by a different sister; camille - a moon witch who dabbles into death magic with one of her three husbands, delilah - a werecat who can take the form of a golden tabby or a panther who is bound to an immortal being whilst seeing a shadow dragon and menolly - previously a supernatural acrobat now a vampire who happens to be dating a werepuma. the other amazing thing about galenorn's writing is that even tho there are honestly around 15 crucial characters, they are all always used and its never seems to be confusing. this particular book is fab, its just as high paced as the others in the series have been but as we are moving even closer to the end of the story things are hotting up and becoming more dangerous by the minute. i cannot wait for the next 3 instalments to finally see who wins and who loses in the upcoming war.

i hope you all enjoyed reading these reviews, all the opinions are my own and i would love to know what you guys thought of these books if you happened to have read them too. sorry about the focus on series but as i said i just cant get enough :D x x x

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