Saturday, July 21, 2012

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the brand elf turned 8 this year and i thought after hearing the name dropped here and there by loads of different beauty bloggers that it was about time i tried their products to see what all the fuss was about. first things first elf stand for eyes lips and face and to fit with their theme i got some products for each of those areas. the main thing i am going to say about these products and the brand itself is that it is really good value for money. each of these items was no more than $3, i think i spent a total of $8 on four items which is practically unheard of now. i have tried and tested all of these and honestly i love them, the colours are great but more importantly the quality is equally great which for me is even more impressive considering the price range.

so the first little gem i picked up was the custom eyes eyeshadow in shade moondust. this is a lovely soft brown, perfect for everyday use. the colour goes on really easily and is quite pigmented so a little goes a long way which is great. now i'll be honest i was a little confused when i first opened the packaging as there isn't a holder for the eyeshadow. but after some research on the elf website  i realised that this is actually made for a custom compact. here you choose your four favourite colours and add them to the compact, means you only by the colours you will use. the eyeshadows are only $1 each with the custom compact being an additional dollar, thats $5 for an entire eyeshadow palette! as you can tell i am amazed by this range, i think pink ice, driftwood and mocha will be completing my compact very soon.

next i picked up a couple of lip products, elf matte lip colour in coral $3 and elf luscious liquid lipstick in baby lips $1. the matte lip colour is very opaque and is more of a solid lip colour which for would have worked better if i picked it in a red shade but when layered with a gloss the matte lip colour is great, although i wouldn't have said this colour was coral, needs more orange to be coral. the luscious liquid lipstick is fab. i thought this was going to be a lipgloss but when i put it on the colour is more solid as if the lipstick and gloss are mixed together inside the tube. the other thing i love about this, is that is smells great, kind of minty and there is a slight tingle when you first put it on which i also associate with lip plumping which i'm not going to complain about.

finally i bought elf contouring blush and bronzer $3. the blush in here is by far my favourite purchase. its a lovely summery pink with a touch of shimmer that for my skin tone is perfect. it goes on so easily and looks great, very fresh. i haven't really experimented with bronzer before but i would love to be able to contour my cheeks better so i have a feeling i'll be youtubing conturing tutorials to get how to use this product.

overall amazingly pleased with all of these. i will definitely be popping back into target to restock and find some more hidden treasures from elf. love that good make up is affordable to those on a budget, like i am currently. nice to be able to treat myself without breaking the bank. as an added bonus due the brand celebrating their 8th birthday they have a deal each week. this week spend $20 online get a 100 piece endless eyes pro eyeshadow palette for free!

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