Saturday, July 14, 2012

parlez vous français?

Heureux jour de la bastille tout le monde :) as you can see i have been celebrating french independence day. my friend and i popped down to the corson building for the afternoon to attend the bastille day fete. the whole afternoon was full of wine, crepes, oysters and baguettes, yummy. what more could i ask for on a saturday afternoon, sitting in the sunshine, drinking a cold glass of rosé with a friend while listening to some great live music, pure bliss :) i even got to practise a little bit of my french with a few of the guests as well. was a little nervous at first as i've only done a few classes in seattle and before that its been years since i practised in a classroom, but it all came flooding back and soon i was loving our little frenchy conversations. as i'm feeling all french i thought i'd leave you with a little college of all the things that remind me of france, whether its things i seen when i've been, things i've heard or the usual sights, enjoy x x x

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