Tuesday, July 3, 2012

revlon haul face & lips

so i had a little unexpected splurge today, the revlon shelf in the drugstore has been calling my name for weeks and i finally gave in but seeing as i got paid recently i thought what the heck :) i have heard nothing but raves about the new revlon lip butters and seeing as i wanted a new nude lipstick creamsicle jumped into my basket. i, like the rest of the blogging world was really impressed with this product, its creamy, moisturising and glides on leaving a gorgeous new colour. it doesn't last as long as a lipstick, kind of acts more like a lipbalm but i love it none the less.

the other cult product i picked up was a revlon just bitten lipstain + balm. i have never tried a stain before so was really unsure was colour to pick so i played it safe with their deep pink shade, victorian. i actually laughed the first time i put this on, applying is just like colouring my lips in with a big marker (and yes working with children i have nearly had that happen to me). the colour just melts into your lips leaving no residue which made me feel like i had nothing on my lips. there is also a balm at the other end of the applicator to add shine it you like but i must say the matte finish is really growing on me.

the other two products i bought were for my skin. after seeing emma stone's flawless complexion in nearly every magazine i bought revlon photo ready airbrush mousse makeup in shade shell. i have tried mousse foundation before and found it hard to blend but the glowing skin featured in the ads is just too much of a temptation sometimes. this foundation is so light and the coverage is great, those tell tale spot scars suddenly vanish without me feeling like i used a trowel to apply my make up. this will definitely be finding itself in my make up permanently. to go with my new foundation i decided to go the whole hog and get the concealer to match. my revlon photo ready concealer in light pale 002 is just as good as the foundation. my dark circles in the morning vanish with just a little and again its so light i feel like i harder wearing anything on my face.

swatches L_R victorian, creamsicle, light pale 002, 020 shell
i had to add this one in there, my friend bought revlon nail enamel in whimsical which i have to say is literally disney in a jar, pink and blue sparkles with a pale base. all i can see is sleeping beauty, jasmine and cinderella :D what revlon products are you loving?

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