Thursday, July 26, 2012

revlon lip colour haul

i need you all to bear witness to this, i am vowing not to buy anymore revlon lip products. okay readers you are my back-up. seeing as how in the last month i have bought two lip butters, two just bitten kissable balm stains and two just bitten lipstain and balms. enough lol.

any way that out of the way these are my latest additions :D after hearing such amazing reviews from the beauty blogging world about the revlon just bitten kissable  balm stain i had to try them so i picked up honey, a lovely soft natural pink and lovesick, a gorgeous vibrant magenta. the colours go on amazingly, they are so creamy that i can wear them all day without feeling my lips dry out. the other great thing about them is that you can build the colour up from a soft subtle shade to a bright popping colour.

i also nabbed another lip butter in candy apple, a really nice red. because its a lip butter its not matte or opaque on my lips which i sometimes with other lipsticks, it can be a look that is too harsh for me. but with this i can wear red lips and get away with it. my last purchase was another revlon just bitten lipstain and balm this time in the shade dawn. this is a pinky brown shade that i love, its very neutral while still adding a dash of colour to my lips to finish off my daytime look perfectly.

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