Wednesday, July 25, 2012

style envy: july

what with my current addiction to anything revlon and lippy its no wonder that this month's style envy is emma stone. known for her big roles in the help and the amazing spider man, this girl is the current chameleon being as fortunate in the hair department as the likes of scarlett johansson and rachel mcadams be able to rock both the blonde bombshell look as well as the red headed babe.

she also knows how to look great, working both the bold bright colours for summer as well as the crisp subtle shades of spring earlier in the year. emma stone has a very feminine style that comes out in her various dress and skirt we she her in as she graces the many red carpets of hollywood. whatever the look ,whatever the hair colour this girl looks fab :)

but which do you prefer blonde or red head, brights and bold or nudes and subtly? personally i love the red head look on emma, it gives her face so much warmth and goes amazingly well with the bright side of her wardrobe, my favourite, you all know i love a bit of colour :)

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  1. Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog :) I LOVE her red hair, esp with the emerald dress!


    1. your welcome :) i love your blog. yeah the red hair is definitely me fav, she looks fab with it :) thanks for stopping by x x x