Friday, July 20, 2012

summer fridays

what a long, busy, jam packed week but here it is, its friday!! and as its become my little habit heres my look back at the week with high five for friday with Lauren at from my grey desk. this weeks post is completely random and is basically a mini diary of what i did this week. as you see by my lack of blogging this week, this has been the only time i've even had the chance to document and share my little adventures.

1. it seems everyone i know had the same idea - to go on holiday at the beginning of july. so for the last three weeks i've hardly spoken to anyone back home. that all changed this week, everyone is back where they are meant to be so the mammoth skyping catch up session started :D and yes these are the three nutters i call sisters and best friends, that i get to skype with every week lol


2 + 3. this week i finally managed to get down to the local farmers market and what a good day i picked, it was also seafood fest meaning more stalls to look at and some really good food. so i ate and shopped my day away and then had to drag myself away from the cat adoption stall where this little guy and his friends were sat playing. honestly i could have taken them all home in a heartbeat, luckily or unluckily depending on if you are me or not, its not my house so the gorgeous little kittens had to stay put. but that didn't stop me from playing and holding them for 30 minutes :D

4. all three of the boys that i look after were at home this week so that meant we went to every park and  museum in seattle as well as the library, swimming pool and we even managed to go for ice cream one day as well. these photos are from our trip to the burke museum of natural history and culture. the good thing about weeks like this is that they go so quickly and here i am writing my friday post with the weekend just around the corner :D

5. at last but by no means least, Lauren put on twitter earlier this week that it was national ice cream day. so there was my reason (not that i really needed one) to sit and enjoy a nice big bowl of french vanilla with the mandatory butterscotch and chocolate sauce toppings with no guilt what so ever, yum yum.

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