Thursday, July 19, 2012

review: jergens natural glow daily moisturizer

for the past couple of weeks even though i have been spending so much time out in the sun, what with the boys being off school, my stubborn skin just would not soak up all this glorious american sunshine and turn a lovely golden colour like i keep telling it i want it to. so i decided to try a more reliable approach, get the tan out of the bottle :)

now as i am so fair, i don't use fake tans as they are always too dark or orangey for my skin tone. but when i was shopping to other day this caught my eye. Jergens natural glow daily moisturiser claims to gradually create natural-looking colour. getting it in the shade for fair to medium skin tones i decided to give it ago.

i have used a gradual tan builder before, my favourite being johnson holiday skin back in the uk, i like that you can build it as dark as you prefer and apply as much or a little as you like. Jergens natural glow daily moisturiser claims that after several days colour will be noticeable and after a week a golden glow will be seen if used daily. with being so fair i didn't use this every day, more like every other, but i can see a lovely golden colour starting to appear after about a week. the other great thing about this product is doesn't smell like a fake tanning cream, its very vanilla scented which i loved. 

now i am a girl that loves a product that can do multiple things at once and this one is no exception. not only is it a gradual tan builder, it is also a firming gel. the tube states that it is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as 7 days, an added bonus in my books. now as i haven't been using this daily i can't say i've noticed a huge difference in my problem areas but perhaps with a more constant use i will, ill keep you posted on any big changes. having said that my skin is nice and soft after all this moisturising :)  

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