Friday, July 13, 2012

that time of the week again :)

here we are again people, its friday already although i am quite grateful that we are here, this week at work has been very different to what i'm used to and i'm burnt out already and its only the start of summer. looking forward to a lovely weekend of catching up with friends and sleep. but before we get to involved in the weekend, i'm gonna link up with Lauren at from my grey desk for high five for friday

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1. this week i started another class for my education credits that links with my visa. i've done quite a few classes now (choir, french, cookery and nia) so i kinda thought i knew how my latest one would go, boy was i surprised.

so when i have finished my time in the states i would love and hope to go backpacking in europe for a year, which is why whilst i have the opportunity to study anything i want i'm doing languages so i'll have a little bit of background knowledge before i go. so this time i chose portuguese which i've never done before. lets just say even after one lesson i love it. its so much easier than french (which i am also currently studying), my class is amazing, for the first time there is even another au pair and my teacher is hilarious :)

2. this weekend i was invited to my host dads family reunion out on lake washington. the weather was amazing, the company was great and i even got to go swimming again (even if the water was freezing) and try my hand at paddle boarding.

3. this week was full of first times regarding food. at the family reunion i had my first sampling of cooked oysters (and after the sampling i went back for more). as the event was catered the chef had cooked them, had all the accompaniments (the lemon and hot sauce my best friend told me never to eat them without) and made the most amazing dipping sauce with bacon, herbs and olive oil. i was in heaven. then i tried an american classic, a root beer float. ice cream and fizzy need i say more :D
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4. its my host dads birthday this week and i had no idea what to get him so i decided a trip to cupcake royale was in order for a little birthday treat, because lets be honest you cant go wrong with cupcakes. unfortunately they were taken away with them on the father-son camping trip as a late night snack before i could snap a picture or a sample. may have to have a little walk to the store this weekend to get my cupcake fix :)

5. as i said this week at work has been very different as all three boys are off school and are starting their summer camps so its been more hectic and busy than usual. having said that they have been really good and we have done some fun things this week. one has camp all week so im playing taxi for him. but the other two and i have been swimming, completed a reading competition, been to nearly every park in the area and to the beach. also had to put this picture on, working with a face like that how could i not enjoy my job :D

hope you all have a lovely weekend, enjoy x x x

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