Tuesday, July 24, 2012

victoria jackson make up

victoria jackson is not a make up brand i'm at all familiar with, but last week my mum sent me a parcel with some of these goodies in. from what she said victoria jackson is a brand that works very similar to avon, virgin vie and the body shop where by you can make purchases with ladies who sell it from home. one of my mum's friends has now started to sell this so she got me a couple of bits :D

the first one is a trio of eyeshadows in bronze hues. i think my mum bought these as part of last seasons collection as i can't find them on the website and unfortunately the product does name its colours! such a shame because i love finding out the names of colours, little sad i know. anyway this trio is gorgeous, it will create a smokey eye look but because of the bronze tones it wont be as harsh or dramatic as using grey/black tones. there is a lighter bronze, a very warm bronze (probably the closest colour to what i would actually describe as bronze lol) and a dark brown with shimmer running through. i can totally see myself wearing this look during the daytime as its quite casual.

the other thing i was lucky enough to be sent was the victoria jackson harmony eye shadow palette, again can't find it on the website, sorry :( this one is a quartet of eyeshadows in brown shades starting at the palest of creamy browns with some added shimmer, followed by a light brown with a hint of sparkle, then a warm brown that looks like the perfect base and finally a dark brown which i'd use for definition. love love love this set. i wear a lot of neutral shades on my eyes and this one is a great addition to my collection.

the eyeshadows them selves are lovely. they go on quite lightly which i actually prefer for daytime colours as i can build and build them to get the colour as strong or dark as i like it. i have a feeling i may have to have a browse around the victoria jackson website for a few more goodies :D

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