Friday, August 31, 2012

lovely little things

this friday i am especially excited for, as it means one more gone until i have my family coming over from england for a visit here in seattle in only 2 weeks. i haven't seen them since april so as you can probably guess i am on the countdown :D today i'm linking up with lauren at from my grey desk to look back on this week and relive and appreciate the little things that happened that made me smile in high five for friday...

1. apparently green was my colour this week. i have been loving guacamole with everything, green fruit and veggie smoothies and a little treat i found green mnm's - mint and dark chocolate flavour, lets just say there has always been an open packet on my desk for the last week, yummy :)

2. this week the house is family central. we have had visitors from the east coast and there is a big anniversary in my host family so this weekend is bbqs, dinners and then a trip to the fair on sunday which i am really looking forward. i love it when the family comes to stay, they are such lovely people.

3. i got an email from my best friend back home to say that she had booked her seattle plane tickets for october to come and see me!!! she is now also coming for a week not just a few days, excited is not even the word :)

4. little bit of a beauty haul this week (oops) but have been trying new products and writing reviews so stay tuned to see what i have been loving.

5. my host mum and i made the most of the boys being at a sleepover at their auntie's this week and went out for dinner and i tried my first pho. one word yum!!!

as i mentioned in my intro i have family coming soon so i will be MIA for 2 weeks, now as you guys know i am relatively new to the blogging world so i'm not really sure if this is the right way to do this but its the only way i know so here goes. i would love someone to do a guest post while i am away just so that my blog isn't too neglected and so that you guys still have something to read as i really appreciate you guys popping over to read what i write. if anyone is interested drop me an email at, thank you would be a huge help :D

NOTD: essie island hopping

my collection of nude nail polishes is growing and growing. now some people might find them slightly boring but i just find them the easiest colours to wear, this essie island hopping i can wear and not worry about it clashing with my outfit one day and working with my look the next. very versatile, this gorgeous colour is a nude with shades of heather and mellow pinks mixed it giving it a slightly girly edge which i love. you have all heard me rave about the essie polishes so i won't bore you again, but in terms of colour collection, application and price they are my current favourite :D today i'm link up with vicki for the nail files over at my vickilicious life :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

current crush thursday: back to school

maybe its because the boys and i are on the count down to school starting again (them counting how many more days they have at home and me counting how long it is until life goes back to normal when they finally go back after 3 months off!) but recently i am loving the preppy look. now this surprised me more than anyone else because this isn't a look i wear, can pull off or normally relate to but its my current crush. i just can't get enough of blazers, satchels and loafers!

today i'm linking up with danielle over at framed frosting for her weekly link up current crush thursday :D who knows after making this post maybe i'll be brave and inject a little preppyness into my wardrobe :)

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oh how pinteresting #6

how many times have you gone onto facebook or on blogs and seen pictures with quotes written over the top. now i don't know about you but i always love reading these, they never fail to bring a smile to my face :) so today i am linking up with michelle over at the vintage apple for her weekly link up, oh how pinteresting.

one of the boards i keep going back to whenever i feel like i need a little soulful pick me up is one called words to live by. here i have collected quotes that make me stop and think, make me smile and make me appreciate what i have in my life. today i thought i would share some of these with you and hope you find them as uplifting as i do :D 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

loving lately: layers

now this may be a bit of an inappropriate post seeing as the weather is really nice at the moment but today i am linking up with rachel over at lalalists for her new link up of loving lately and my chosen topic is layers. yes i know technically it is still summer but honestly i cannot wait for it to be autumn. autumn is my favourite season, i love the weather, the clothes and the colours and cannot wait to fill my wardrobe with jumpers, thick cardigans and boots.  so today i am sharing my longing for the next season with a post sbout layering.

for me layering is such an easy look to pull off. i mainly stick to a neutral colour palette when layering and then add a pop of colour with a scarf, jewellery or handbag. now this might be a little understated for some people but using neutrals means i can create more looks within the confines of my wardrobe. here are some of my favourite layered looks :)

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l'oreal true match powder and blush

i have loved the l'oréal true match super-blendable powder for years, possibly since it first came out. i first bought it when i was younger and starting to experiment with wearing a full face of make up and using a powder was recommended to me at the time as it would cover everything i wanted to hide but not look like i had caked my make up on. i wear the shade alabaster, one of the more pale shades and love it as i have found that i can still wear it with or without having a subtle tan. when i finally hit the pan in my latest pot i popped into my local drugstore to repurchase it as usual and was really pleasantly surprised to find that i got the true match super-blendable blush free. the blushes were matched with the powder of your choice to fit the shade of powder you wear, which meant i knew the shade would look great :) i wasn't disappointed either, baby blossom is a lovely soft pink that i like to wear when i am going for a fresh faced everyday look. both of the products come with an applicator in the bottom, a sponge for he powder and a brush for the blush, with a handy little mirror underneath as well for applying on the go :D

Friday, August 24, 2012

i heart the weekend

hey people! hope you all had a lovely week. well i survived my first week with all three boys at home, actually i have been quite lucky as this is the first time its happened all summer thanks to all of their camps :) today i'm linking up with Lauren over at from my grey desk for her weekly link up high five for friday to look back at the week i've had...

1. had myself some me time during the week, and my nails were definitely thnakful for it, they were well over due for some tlc. i decided to go for a classic nude look with essie's ballet slippers, which i bought after hearing far too many raves about it (mainly for vivianna over at

2. do you ever put something away safe and lose it because you hid it so well (and no i'm not talking about the pizza thank god lol) well i do it all the time and this week i managed to find a voucher i was given for my birthday back in march for a lovely restaurant near me. so this week my friend and i went out for dinner using the voucher and had the biggest pizza i have ever since in my life. it literally covered the entire table but it was so so delicious :D

3. had a little shopping trip this week to spend my wages and picked up some lovely little bits, full posts to come of some of the products. have already worn my new outfit, more stripes i know can't get enough and tried on all the new make up. i'm trying a new skincare routine with origins to see if it helps my skin clear up, will let you all know the results in a while :)

4. you may have all realised by now what with the amount of times that i have featured it in my H54F but one of my favourite things about america is frozen yoghurt. so to get my fix this week my friend and i headed to yozen for some of the good stuff covered with lots and lots of sweeties :)

5. very much looking forward to the weekend, i have it all off and as much as i love my host family i am throughly loving that they are going camping this weekend while i have a nice weekend home alone full of shopping, nights out and meals with my girlies :D

hope you all have a fab weekend, thank you for reading :D x x x

NOTD: rimmel lasting finish pro english rose

todays nail of the day is a colour that i wear when i am feeling very girlie as it is the perfect pink for me. rimmel's lasting finish pro nail polish in english rose is a soft pink that isn't too bright but doesn't wash out either. the other thing i love about it has to be the name lol perfect for my blog really :) i don't usually wear nail polishes by rimmel, i used to when i was younger my favourite being dark cherries, but i was really impressed with this one. its a very thin polish when applied which i loved as i doesn't feel like you are wearing anything on your nails and even though it is thin it only takes two coats to create an opaque coverage. love love love. today i'm linking up with vicki over at for the nail files link up :D

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

current crush thursday: stripes

stripes are my current go to for outfits on the fly when i want to look good but don't have ages to plan or prep a look. h&m are the champions for me when i want to create this look :) i have loads of striped tops from there which are great for throwing on over jeans. i have even branched out in a striped black and white body con skirt which i have been pairing with loose fitting tops in this heat and i can't wait to layer it up for fall and winter :) today i'm linking up with danielle over at framed frosting for current crush thursday, and in case you can't tell from my little praise here my crush for this week is stripes.

here are some amazing striped looks for rocking the striped look all year round...

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oh how pintersting #5

today i'm linking up michelle from the vintage apple for her weekly link up, oh how pintersting. last week i posted part one of my event planning themed post and today i'm posting the second part for you lovely readers. this one is based on the different themes and styles you can have for an event be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary or shower. its all the little details that i love noticing so that what i picked to centre my pins around. i love how creative this pins are and i would love to go to any of them if the decor was as amazing as this :D

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

kids cookery

after linking up with michelle from the vintage apple for this weeks oh how pinteresting i had a sudden urge to bake after posting all the pins of lovely cakes, cookies and cupcakes :) so this week the boys and i made sugar cookies and pizzas. i love doing projects like this with the boys as even though they are all different ages, they all love cooking and each love different part of the process, mixing, decorating, licking the spoon and of course the best bit - eating the end product :) 

our favourite recipe is a really simple sugar cookie recipe i found on, it makes a huge batch of dough which is great as i can freeze a portion to use another day or its easy to half the recipe to make a smaller batch. the boys love using their star wars cookie cutter i bought then for christmas from william sonoma (as you can see in the picture bellow).

sugar cookies
1 1/2 cups butter, softened
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
5cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

1. in a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. beat in eggs and vanilla. stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. cover, and chill dough for at least one hour (or overnight).
2. preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). roll out dough on floured surface 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. cut into shapes with any cookie cutter. place cookies 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
3. bake for 6 to  8 minutes in preheated oven. cool completely.

we also made pizzas one day for lunch, just using a pizza base mix. again, a really easy activity that we all had a lot of fun doing, the boys loving be able to pick and choose what was on their pizza :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

e.l.f beauty bits

e.l.f is a brand i have only recently started using, i've heard of the name before but never tried any of there products. a couple of weeks ago whilst shopping in target with my friends i spotted it in the cosmetics section and ended up coming back with a blusher, a lipgloss and an eyeshadow. the main thing i was impressed with was the quality especially with the brand being so cheap, its products don't retail past $5. so last week i may have done a little online shopping after finding out that due to their 8th birthday elf were offering every customer a straight money off voucher, so i treated myself to a stippling brush, a powder brush and a complexion brush. the brushes are lovely, the bristles are so soft and apply my make really well, again something i was really impressed with considering the price of each of them, none of them were more than $5! i also bought some more of their eyeshadow after realising you can create your own mini palettes, so i purchased pink ice 2507 (a soft shimmery pink), mocha 2505 (a bronze brown) and driftwood 20131(a gold bronze) to go with the original moon dust 11004 (a soft brown with slight shimmer) and complete my own made palette.

so as you can tell i am loving e.l.f at the moment, it is definitely a brand i will keep looking into as the value for money is amazing :)