Saturday, August 4, 2012

100 things that make me happy #2

here comes part two of my 100 things that make me happy list. i'm going through a bit of a down phase at the moment and so i created this list to give me something positive to focus on while i work through things. hope you guys don't mind this rather random post but i have found it a great way to concentrate on the good things in my life :)

i decided this part should contain the things around me that make me smile...

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26. getting in a freshly made bed
27. a hot shower after a long day
28. getting hello texts
29. the smell of my mums perfume
30. new books
31. freshly painted nails
32. snow capped mountains on a sunny day
33. seeing people again after ages away
34. trying something new
35. finding money in my jeans pocket
36. the smell after it rains
37. watching disney films
38. fresh flowers in my bedroom
39. curling up on the sofa in a duvet
40. buying a bunch of fashion magazines
41. surprise parties
42. untouched snow
43. making vanilla cupcakes
44. christmas lights
45. feel of sunshine of my skin
46. burning scented candles
47. my favourite song on repeat
48. old reruns on tv
49. letters in the post 
50. rainbows


  1. i've been dealing a hard time of life. thanks for this list. it makes me smile too

    1. thank you, its so nice to know its made someone else smile too, i've found this really helpful at the moment :D