Monday, August 20, 2012

e.l.f beauty bits

e.l.f is a brand i have only recently started using, i've heard of the name before but never tried any of there products. a couple of weeks ago whilst shopping in target with my friends i spotted it in the cosmetics section and ended up coming back with a blusher, a lipgloss and an eyeshadow. the main thing i was impressed with was the quality especially with the brand being so cheap, its products don't retail past $5. so last week i may have done a little online shopping after finding out that due to their 8th birthday elf were offering every customer a straight money off voucher, so i treated myself to a stippling brush, a powder brush and a complexion brush. the brushes are lovely, the bristles are so soft and apply my make really well, again something i was really impressed with considering the price of each of them, none of them were more than $5! i also bought some more of their eyeshadow after realising you can create your own mini palettes, so i purchased pink ice 2507 (a soft shimmery pink), mocha 2505 (a bronze brown) and driftwood 20131(a gold bronze) to go with the original moon dust 11004 (a soft brown with slight shimmer) and complete my own made palette.

so as you can tell i am loving e.l.f at the moment, it is definitely a brand i will keep looking into as the value for money is amazing :)


  1. wooo the brushes look really good, may have to try :-) lovely blog x

    1. i've been using them for a while now and i'm really impressed :) the powder brush is excellent, applys really nicely and for the price is a really good buy :)