Friday, August 24, 2012

i heart the weekend

hey people! hope you all had a lovely week. well i survived my first week with all three boys at home, actually i have been quite lucky as this is the first time its happened all summer thanks to all of their camps :) today i'm linking up with Lauren over at from my grey desk for her weekly link up high five for friday to look back at the week i've had...

1. had myself some me time during the week, and my nails were definitely thnakful for it, they were well over due for some tlc. i decided to go for a classic nude look with essie's ballet slippers, which i bought after hearing far too many raves about it (mainly for vivianna over at

2. do you ever put something away safe and lose it because you hid it so well (and no i'm not talking about the pizza thank god lol) well i do it all the time and this week i managed to find a voucher i was given for my birthday back in march for a lovely restaurant near me. so this week my friend and i went out for dinner using the voucher and had the biggest pizza i have ever since in my life. it literally covered the entire table but it was so so delicious :D

3. had a little shopping trip this week to spend my wages and picked up some lovely little bits, full posts to come of some of the products. have already worn my new outfit, more stripes i know can't get enough and tried on all the new make up. i'm trying a new skincare routine with origins to see if it helps my skin clear up, will let you all know the results in a while :)

4. you may have all realised by now what with the amount of times that i have featured it in my H54F but one of my favourite things about america is frozen yoghurt. so to get my fix this week my friend and i headed to yozen for some of the good stuff covered with lots and lots of sweeties :)

5. very much looking forward to the weekend, i have it all off and as much as i love my host family i am throughly loving that they are going camping this weekend while i have a nice weekend home alone full of shopping, nights out and meals with my girlies :D

hope you all have a fab weekend, thank you for reading :D x x x


  1. ohhhh froyo!! love that stuff! I can honestly eat it every day of my life... as long as there's mochi balls involved and some cherries ;)

    Found you through the H54F linkup!

    xo, Bev

    1. omg if i could eat it everyday for every meal i so would lol :D