Friday, August 10, 2012

my top five of the week

yes its that time already lovely ladies, today i'm linking up with lauren over at from my grey desk for the weekly link up, high five for friday, that reminds us all to remember and appreciate the little things that happen every week that make us happy and put that smile on your face :)

this week has been a busy week both work wise and personally with lots of evenings out and family things but thankfully i managed to find a quiet evening for some me time. here is my high five for friday moments...

1. flicking through the new arrivals on netflix the other night i saw that captain america had finally been added, yes i know i could have found it online somewhere ages ago but i hate the quality of the internet copies. lets just say it was a very nice hour and a half watching chris evans on screen. and after watching this i couldn't resist watching the avengers just to finish off the series. loved both of these films, lots of action and superheroes played by very fine guys :p

 2. this week my host family and i went to our local beach, golden gardens, for the evening to celebrate a friends birthday. it was a night full of warm lo fires, hot dogs and smores :) i truely love all the typically american food - what more could i ask for while sitting on the beach watching the sunset than a blob of toasted marshmallowy goodness :)

 3. breakfast quickly becomes my favourite meal of the day when my host mum makes her delicious pancakes on a morning. even on a work day i can't not be in a bad mood if i can smell them being made. i love mine with lots of maple syrup and blueberries, yumminess :)

4. one afternoon this week i took two of the boys i look after to the beach for the afternoon, it was bliss. the played in the sand, building sandcastles in between trying to dig to china, while i lay in the sun reading my current book and listening to my ipod. some days my job can be so easy, this was definitely one of those days.

5. i spotted this crossing while out in seattle the other day and it just made me smile. thought i would share with you guys.

hope you all have a lovely weekend :D

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