Friday, August 17, 2012

ready for the weekend

here we are again people its friday which means its high five for friday with Lauren over at from my grey desk and as i said last week i cannot believe how quickly the weeks are flying by, it'll be christmas before we know it lol. this week i am very lucky to be having a three day weekend which i have already packed with plans; major shopping trip, dinner with my girlies, hair appointment finally and drinks with my new zealand girl :) but enough of what is going to happen how about what has happened this week?

this is the last week that the boys have camp before the final two weeks at home with me before the new school year starts, so it was a relatively quiet week work wise. in other areas a not so great week two of my really good friends moved away this week, one went back to south africa after finishing her year in the states as an au pair and the other moved to new jersey to start her second year as an au pair. so i had two big goodbye dinners and lots of tears and goodbyes. but we have made promises to see each other again so hopefully in the new year i will have a meet up with my friend in new york as it is so close to new jersey. and i am hoping that one day on my travels i can visit south africa as well :D

 1. my friend moving to new jersey is a vegetarian who is also dabbling in the vegan and raw area, something completely new to me. so as our farewell meal we went to a vegetarian thai restaurant in ballard. it was so yummy and as an avid meat eater i was pleasantly surprised to find that i didn't miss it one bit. we had vegetarian rolls, spring rolls and a scrummy salad with noodles, tofu, peanuts and veggies. it was all so delicious :)

2. everything in our garden is full of colour this week because of the gorgeous hot weather we are having at the moment so my host mum and i went to pick loads of the flowers to brighten up the house as well, my bedroom now smells amazing, thanks to the bouquet on my desk :)

 3. nearing the end of the summer holidays now and as much as i love the boys i will be glad when they go back to school and things go back to my idea of normal. this week the house has been over taken by their train sets, they are now winding tracks round, under and through the dining room table. luckily the sun has let us eat outside, otherwise i would be sharing my dinner with thomas, gordon and james :)

4. thanks to a impromptu trip to my local walgreens this week, my essie collection is growing rapidly. yes i know i have a problem but i can't help it they are just all so pretty. this week i added ballet slippers, a lovely soft pinky hue and devil's advocate, a deep dark purple :)

image via

5. after the other farewell dinner, sushi at our favourite local sushi restaurant, we popped into cupcake royale for a little dessert and i tried for the first time a lavender cupcake. now i love the scent of lavender, my room is full of lavender candles but i have yet to taste lavender in food. so i took the plunge the other night and i am so so glad i did. it was delicious and as weird as this sounds it tastes like it smells, so yummy :)

hope you all have lot of plans for the weekend, enjoy :D


  1. What gorgeous flowers! I am super jealous of your Essie collection! I wouldn't call it a problem, they are far too pretty to pass up :)


    1. thankyou, but i can't take any credit my host mum has very green fingers lol they are just too pretty not to buy lol i end up picking one up everytime i go into walgreens lol

  2. that meal does look good!! and I want some of those color nail polishes! i need more!

    1. omg it was so yummy, i'm definitely going to pop back again for dinner :) lol i know, there are just so many lovely colours that essie do, i find myself painting my nails nearly every night now just to try them all out lol :)