Friday, August 3, 2012

top five for the week

one quick question, where has summer gone?! the weeks are flying by now, cannot believe its august already. this time next month i will have been living in the states for a year which honestly seems ridiculous, feels like i only just got here. anyway, enough of that little rant. today i'm linking up with lauren at from my grey desk for high five for friday :) 

1. this week the boys have all different camps, one of them being at olympic sculpture park so as i was playing taxi it meant i could have a look round whilst i was waiting for the pick up time. this piece really caught my eye, it was all done in white paint as was covering the entire wall of the building. i haven't been to an exhibition in ages so it was nice to get some arty culture in there for once.

2. HOT CHOCOLATE IN JULY!!! yummy, maybe a little odd considering the weather but i was really craving one the other night and boy was it good :)

3. the cat has now found a new perch where she can sit and the job cats do best - meow at me until i finally give in and feed her. i wish my camera had taken the photo better as you can't see her gorgeous blue eyes but she wouldn't sit still for long once she saw the camera lol

4. the postman was my hero this week. i went a little crazy online shopping last week but my packages all finally arrived this week, honestly i was like a kid at christmas opening everything. the boys loved it too even though it was all make up bits and they used all the packaging afterwards to make spaceships :)

5. had a bit of a disney marathon this week and like i normally would do at home with my sister i found all my favourite songs on youtube and had a bit of a sing song to what i would call the old classics

hope you all had a good week, enjoy the weekend :D

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