Monday, September 3, 2012

all things that sparkle

my mum has always said that i have enough jewellery to sink a battleship but before i moved to the states i had a major sort out and now that i am here i have found that my collection is pretty much the same as what it was when i left the UK. it seems that my wardrobe and beauty bits have grown while jewellery has been left on the side lines... until now lol.

i popped into downtown seattle the other day and was so surprised at the jewellery collection in american eagle! i have bits and bobs from there but not loads but the jewellery is gorgeous, very surferish and there is definitely a boho streak to the pieces. i found some gorgeous items that really suit me as well. first was a lovely green crystal pendant ($15.50), it has a really long chain so its perfect for layering and is simple enough for my style. originally i was just going to buy this piece but then a lovely sales assistant told me that all the jewellery was buy one get one half price so i picked up a second necklace, how could i resist an offer lol. this is a lovely silver chain with neutral beads closed in by gold mini beads ($15.50). i love this as it has so many colours in it, i can wear it with other gold pieces and silver ones :D

then just to finish off my little splurge i picked up this lovely bracelet form h&m ($5, i think). its an enamel bangle in neutral tones. i have a real love of simple neutral jewellery as i can mix it in to any outfit and not worry about it going with what i'm wearing :D

next thing on my list...earrings, any recommendations?

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