Sunday, September 9, 2012

checks, balances and frothiness

you know when you skincare regime just doesn't work for your skin anymore, well that is what mine has been like this past month. i have combination skin and am unfortunately prone to breakouts so normally i use an acne targeting line. for the past year or so i have been using neutrogena oil free acne stress control range which claims to "stop acne before it emerges to make breakouts one less stress in your life". for the best of the year i was really happy with what i was using; the power clear scrub was great in the morning as it left my skin really fresh, the night cleansing pads we great as you could feel the product working and for when my skin was really bad at that particular time of the month the hydrating acne treatment was great at targeting those areas.

unfortunately all good things must come to an end and this did to. so i was on the hunt for a new skincare line and having heard a million and one raving reviews in the blogging world i decided to give origins a try. you may already know i started trying their products earlier in the summer, my favourite being the super spot remover (post here) but know i am aiming to completely convert to their range.

the product i am loving at the moment is their checks and balances frothy face wash. it is lovely, you only need the tiniest amount to cover your face which is great as the bottle with last me a while. after having used it my face feels squeaky clean like you have just washed with a old lump of soap but without the tightness you get from it. it also smells nice, really really clean and so far is helping my skin. i'm hoping to next try out a few of their face masks and the new origins spot remover acne treatment pads, pads that are soaked in their miracle product that you can use all over your face for an extra acne fighting boost :D

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