Sunday, September 9, 2012

in my opinion...

  • you can never have too many books
  • or nail polish
  • or shoes
  • its the quality of friendships that count not the quantity
  • disney films are the greatest creation of all time
  • soul mates do exist
  • nutella is food from the gods
  • it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all
  • seeing the world is the most exciting thing ever
  • piper was the best character on charmed
  • charmed was also the best tv series ever
  • and should have gone on forever
  • cats beat dogs hands down
  • and they make the best listeners
  • fall is the best time of year
  • children should always be told fairytales
  • flip flops are the comfiest things in the world
  • those and flannel pyjamas
  • people deserve one second chance
  • we only live once, everyone should make the most of it
  • its the people inside that make a house a home, not the things
  • stubble and checked shirts on guys are amazing
  • long hair looks great, but is awful to have (so much care)
  • lie ins should happen everyday of the week
  • candles are a necessity 
  • a child is a miracle
  • driving with the top down and the heaters on full blast is the best feeling
this little post was inspired by rachel from lalalists and her "i am a very opinionated person" post (here). i love the idea of this, a post simply about the things you think and believe with no explanations just simple statements, because when its your opinion its your own and doesn't need to be justified. she has turned the whole idea of this into a little link up, so here goes - i'm linking away :D


  1. Yay I love this! 1-3 is basically my life!!! Have a great week doll!!

    1. thankyou :) yeah my collection of the first three is getting ridiculous lol

  2. Great list! Love the one about guys with stubble and checked shirts and driving with the top down. I do the same thing with the AC in the summer: it's on full-blast but I need the fresh air at the same time (just not the heat!)

    And yes, children ARE a miracle.

    1. the AC thing so true, also when it so cold having the windows down with the heating and the heated seats on, heaven lol

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    1. thanks so much :D ill be sure to pop over and check it out :D

  4. Nutella is my weakness and I too believe quality over quantity and in more things than just friends.

    Great list.

    1. so true we have to hide our tube of nutella on the top shell so the boys cant get into it, otherwise it would be gone in about a day lol

  5. Yes, cats are definitely better than dogs!

    Mmmm... nutella.

    1. definitely i cannot live without a cat in the house:D