Saturday, September 8, 2012

oh, lola!

devastation hit the other week when i ran out of my favourite perfume, hugo boss orange :( so i was on the hunt for another perfume as i had decided to try something new. the only problem being that there were so many nice i couldn't pick one. then sephora stepped in as my little guardian angel. they stock perfumes in a rollerball 6ml bottle, which i thought was such an amazing idea and something i had never seen in the UK before, as you can try a new perfume without having to pay a fortune and then decide a week later its not really for you, as these retail for only $20.

so i picked up oh, lola! by marc jacobs. i love marc jacobs perfumes and they hold alot of memories for me; my best friend and sister both wear daisy by marc jacobs, however i must admit i am a huge fan of the eau so fresh version. this one is very girlie without being as floral as the daisy range. it has lovely top notes of wild strawberry, raspberry and pear that are balanced by notes of magnolia, peony and cyclamen and finally a lingering scent of sandalwood and vanilla. i love it, and am strongly edging towards buying the big bottle but first want to try the new release from marc jacobs, dot (yes its mainly because of the gorgeous ladybird bottle and packaging lol).

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