Monday, September 10, 2012

sin and rehab

so i may be a little late at this realisation but i'm going to share it with you none the less. i popped into downtown seattle this last weekend and finally went into the relatively new nordstrom rack. now some of you might be screaming at your computer screen saying "why haven't you been in before now, you've been in the states for over a year!" but in the uk we don't really have anything like that so i didn't really know what it was or what to expect, needless to say having been in now it is definitely one of the first places i'm going to stop in at :D

it was great and after a little hunting i found some amazing products for around half the retail price. now they may be last season but i love the colours and they are perfect for my staples and everyday looks so i thought i couldn't go wrong. so i bought a little haul can came out with my purse definitely lighter

the product i am going to tell you all about today is the urban decay 24/7 shadow pencil stash. this is a set of minis of the eye shadow pencils in shades; sin (shimmery nude), juju (a warm shimmery taupe), rehab (deep brown) delinquent (vibrant purple) and clash (very bright blue). i am loving sin and rehab, they have become a regular in my everyday make up bag. the pencil themselves are amazing, the colours are so pigmented that a little goes a long way and they blend effortlessly. i will definitely be picking up some more after i am through with these or if a few shades catch my eye.


  1. Oh man are you lucky to have found these at such a decent price. I am jelly. I do love Urban Decay pencils but they're pretty pricey. The quality is pretty decent though. I found you thought the blog hop & am following, do drop by my blog:

  2. it was a steal ill definitely be popping back to see what other gems i can find, they had brands like stila and nyx as well :D