Monday, October 8, 2012

apple cider

over the weekend i got to be involved in something that has become a tradition for my host family at this time of the year - making apple cider :) every year we go off to a friends house, box of apples in hand, to their apple cider and chilli party. he has built an old style apple press which i so much fun. now the first time i did this i was really confused as coming from england where apple cider is alcoholic i was really confused lol but even tho its what i would call apple juice it was the best apple juice i have ever hand!!


  1. That's so awesome! I didn't know you can buy your own apple cider press. It looks huge though!


  2. This is amazing! Just found you from the blog hop and I absolutely love you and your blog already!
    This apple cider making seems like such a wonderful tradition <3


  3. I love cider, but I see where it could be apple juice. Usually some spices are added to it to give it an extra kick.

  4. looks like it was a fun time! I love cider, both non-alcoholic and alcohlic ;)

    Found you through Brightside Blog Hop, xx ahhhdri