Sunday, October 28, 2012

bits and bobs

another random little post today guys full of all sorts. first a huge congratulations to jae who won my first ever giveaway here on the lily white english rose!!! a lovely beauty box full of all my favourite beauty bits is on its way to you :D

second is that i will be having a little blogging holiday next week as my best friend and her boyfriend are coming to visit me in seattle all the way from across the pond in england!!! excited doesn't even begin to cover it lol. but i will not be leaving my little blog here all on its own, i have some lovely ladies guest posting for me over the course of the week and a few posts that i have scheduled to go live through out my little vacation.

we have so much planned so be prepared for a photo diary when i'm back next week :) hope you all have a fab week and i'll see you all in a few x x x

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  1. ^o^ i'm so excited.
    Ah i'm sorry i haven't been around the last few days @.@ i'm behind on work seriously like no one's business.... ;___; artistblock is killing meeee </3

    :D awww! it must be so exciting to have your friend visit!!!!

    :3 let me know if you ever need a guest poster!


  2. Your blog is so cute! :) I love that picture. So true! I followed! :)

  3. Have fun and thanks again for co-hosting last weekends hop :)