Saturday, October 27, 2012


reading - this should really say rereading as i am reading twenties girl by sophie knisella for the second time. as my current book collection relies mainly on goodwill and the local library because i don't want to spend money on books and not be able to take them home, so i was really happy when i found this little gem. i love all sophie kinsella books and this one is no exception, it has a chic lit theme but with a little supernatural twist and a throw back to the 1920's!! love :)

watching - anything on the cw. i am loving vampire diaries (honestly being sucked in big time by this season's storyline), 90210, supernatural, nikita, gossip girl (as if its the last season!!!) and the new beauty and the beast. best thing is that there is something on every night for me to watch and if i miss anything i'm playing catch up on the weekends. what am i going to do when they all finish :s

eating - candy corn. i am addicted to the little american sweetie/candy. i received a lovely little packet of them the other week and they have been sitting on my desk slowly disappearing daily. i cannot get enough and with halloween just around the corner i hoping to get some more trick or treating with the boys :)

drinking - mint tes. yes the english girl has finally found out that she likes tea whilst living in america lol my mum will be so proud lol i cannot get enough of the fresh taste of mint tea in the morning, it really helps me wake up, or maybe thats just the caffeine, either way starts the morning off a lot better

wearing - ankle boots not stop. seriously it seems the second the weather took a colder turn i forgot i owned anything else but ankle boots, i have a couple of pairs that i have worn non-stop for the last two weeks; a flat tan pair with a buckle detail and a pair of slouchy grey ones. next on my to buy list a pair of black heeled ones, ooh the outfits i would wear with them :)

listening to - taylor swifts new album red. i cannot get enough of her music on a normal day but this time round her album is even more amazing than usual! i knew you were trouble is such a great song and a little different from her others, plus i can't help but thinking of a few people when i listen to it lol.

anticipating - my best friend's arrival in 2 days!!! yes i am on the countdown. she and her boyfriend will finally be in seattle on monday, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh excited doesn't even come close. we have so many plans and so much to fit into just one week, including halloween american style, forks road trip for the twilight buffs and a seahawks game to keep the boyfriend happy lol

wishing - christmas would hurry up and get here!!! i cannot wait to decorate the christmas tree, wrap presents, put up twinkly lights and eat mince pies. it probably doesn't help that i received a christmas present in the post this week, early i know but my family are very organised lol but it did have a huge sticker on it that said "this parcel will blow up if opened before the 25th december!!!" lol :)

just a random little post from me today, hope you all are having a fab weekend :D thanks to katrina from the demure muse for inspiring this post :D


  1. I have tried candy corn ONCE in my life and I reeeally was not a fan, lol! :P
    Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

  2. I love Sophie Kinsella too! And I saw that you just read a Jane Green book who I also adore :)

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!


  3. I have been sporting ankle boots non stop as well! The weather is just absolutely perfect for them.

  4. I LOVE Sophie Kinsella! Her books are sooo good! :)