Monday, October 29, 2012

i heart halloween

one of the many things americans do amazingly well is halloween. i loved halloween at home in england but i love it in the states even more. here there is no age limit to the holiday and everything is done over the top-ly and extravagantly.

this halloween we carved pumpkins, made halloween decorations, bought way too much candy for trick or treaters and made halloween costumes (a witch for me and a teddy bear, harry potter and a vampire for the boys). so seeign as i am enjoying it so much i thought i would make it my loving lately post for rachel's link up over at la la lists and share with you guys a couple of photos from the holiday :)

pinterest is deadly, i saw these gorgeous candy corn cookies on there the other day and just had to try them. i used this cookie recipe and then dyed the dough in three parts to make the three colours seen in candy corn. then i layered the dough in a container and sliced the dough before cutting the cookies :)

the other great thing about halloween is the costumes and the outrageous make up we can get away with for the night. when i was younger i dressed up as a vampire and a fairy but this year i was sucked in by the stripy tights of a witch. i love some of these looks and may have to get the face paints out to see what i can create :D hope you guys have an amazing halloween!!!

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  1. Halloween in America looks so fun, hope you have a great time :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love buying too much candy for trick or treaters! More for me :)