Monday, October 22, 2012

the truth about curls

if i was being totally honest the thing that i usually let slip is hair care. i know shocking right but unless i'm going out i am a hair up in a pony tail kind girl and i sometimes go months without a trim. yes my hair hates me for it but i haven't really ever had a love of hair care whether its products or care. so i made a decision to change this, one of my new goals is to concentrate on my hair a little more.

so when i saw a trial sample set on the new line by paul mitchell i knew that it would be a good start to my new hair care plans. the theme of the brand is the truth about curls, concentrating on getting women to work with what god gave them and flaunt their natural curls. my hair is long and has a natural wave to it. i would love a product that emphasises that so was really excited by the claims of the paul mitchell curls line.

firstly seeing as this was a free sample i was so impressed with what i got. 3 mini tubes of three different products. the first was the spring loaded detangling shampoo, this was lovely! it made my hair really soft and even after towel drying i could see the curl in my hair better already. i was also surprised at how much it detangled my hair, normally conditioner only does this. next is the full circle leave-in treatment that i applied after slightly drying it. i loved this too, i loved that it didn't weigh my curls down and really softened my hair and it smelt so nice, just like after a salon visit. the final step was the ultimate wave beachy texture cream gel. unfortunately this was the one product i didn't like, after all the softening the other two products did i was really disappointed that this just harden it again. it was much more like gel and after i diffuse dried my hair was very crunchy. 

overall i was impressed with this range, not only for the amazing size of the samples i received but also how great the shampoo and leave in treatment were, i may even embrace my curls more often lol. today i'm linking up with rachel over at la la lists for her loving lately link up with kristen, carly and niki and sharing my love of curls this week. so tell me do you rock your curls?

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  1. I put my hair up a lot too. I wish I weren't because it gives me split ends >.< but ah! oh well.
    Glad you liked it :D

    I think i entered you giveaway already o.o will double check! I am fixing to have one of my own that's a sample give away for asian products ^o^ so excited!


  2. I LOOOOOOOVE those products for my hair!
    I use them, but I'm just the same.
    I don't have too much time to play with my hair.
    But this helps my hair from damaging.
    I'm co-costing this Fridays blog hop and I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. We just found your blog from the blog hop. We hope you check out our blog!