Friday, November 30, 2012

style envy taylor swift

cannot believe that its december!! bring on the snow, the advent calendars and most importantly christmas, i am so excited for christmas this year, not sure why. possibly because for me its a kids christmas again, i honestly think that having kids around at this time of the year just makes it that much more magical - last year we had to move the piano that sits in front of the fire place into the centre of the living room so that the boys would stop panicking that santa would get stuck behind it :) so cute!

anyway, how fast has this year gone! and seeing as its the beginning of the month again it means its time for my style envy of the month. now this lady needs no introduction what with her new album (loving red btw), signature fragrances and most importantly for this post her fashion sense. taylor swift has an amazing wardrobe. when dressed for the red carpet her dresses are to die for. they are always very girlie and very glamourous, lots of lace panelling and cut aways create sexy but feminine looks. add her fabulous curls or more recently long flowing locks and fringe (which i think looks amazing and really makes her style more sophisticated) and the signature swipe of red lipstick and she is one of the best dressed in hollywood.

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its hard not to love her casual style as well. here we see taylor a lot more laid back, she has swapped the lace for a still girlie but more vintage feel. lots of stripes and kitten heels with vintage sun dresses make frequent appearances, with lots of sweaters and shirts thrown in the mix. not forgetting the red lippie but this time its cat eye or ray ban sunglasses that complete her looks. i love her style dressed up or dressed down and lets face it who isn't jealous of that hair!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

nail polish swap

today i am so excited to be bringing you a post all about the nail polish swap i entered with some lovely ladies; jessica from my beautiful life, kristen from the wright stuff, melissa from the life of a not so ordinary wife and katlyn from the dreamy meadow.

i was partnered with the lovely ruth from superfluous ambitions and boy was i spoiled by here. when filling out the description box for which type of polish we were loving at the moment i said glitter as i cannot get enough of them right now and she hit the nail on the head. i got a lovely christmas miniatures set and 2 individuals all packed with glitter :D

china glaze merry berry - this is my absolute favourite out of the bunch and am definitely going to be buying the full size bottle once i have used all this mini up which will probably be pretty soon a i have worn it loads already. its a gorgeous darker red with berry tones that is perfect for fall.
china glaze red satin - this is the most festive colour of the set it is a typical red, think holly berry red. unlike some other reds i have tried it is very bright and also as with merry berry you could get away with only one coat, which is great is you are in a hurry. the drying time for these polishes is amazing, i will definitely be trying some more colours from china glaze :D
china glaze winter holly - this glitter polish is lovely, it contains gold and green glitter that has been milled so finely that the polish itself looks like it is a green polish with glitter when in actual fact the polish itself is clear. 
china glaze glitter all the way - i cannot wait to wear this colour for new years its, i think its perfect!! this nail polish is all about the glitter. its a clear nail polish that is packed with so much glitter that after a few coats the nails look like you have just poured multicoloured glitter onto them :)
finger paints laugh my art off - this one is really unusual, it has an almost blue tinted clear polish with lots of blue glitter. i love the effect it creates and the colour its self is really different from any thing else i have so is a great addition.
nina ultra pro boys n berries - i love the colour of the glitter in this polish. i would probably use this layered over another colour as it didn't build well, the photo below seriously took about five coats to make the glitter look opaque. but i would love this over darker polishes, can't wait to play around with colour combinations.

a huge thank you to ruth for these amazing additions to my collection!!!
china glaze merry berry
china glaze red satin
china glaze winter holly
china glaze glitter all the way
finger paints laugh my art off
nina ultra pro boys n berries

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

festive frocks

i couldn't wait any longer, i am in full festive mode :D christmas is my all time favourite holiday so the christmas pj's are out in full swing, the hot chocolate is being drank nearly every night and the whistling of carols has started lol something i love about the holidays is the amount of occasions that i can get really dressed up for, theres christmas parties, christmas day and a little further down the line new years eve. 

so today i thought i would share with you my favourite dresses for the season. this time of year i love wearing deeper colours like dark red, green, navy and purple and not forgetting a bit of sparkle, the more the better in my opinion. like i said i love getting dressed up so a statement dress or element is always something i look for; lace, sequins and cutaways all add a little something extra to the dress.

after trawling through all my favourite websites these are my picks for christmas and new years, only problem with doing this post is that now my wishlist for all these sites is as long as my arm, lets hope santa brings some pennies and gift cards for christmas lol :D

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

laura mercier artist's palette for eyes

i love a good palette and this one has been on my sephora shopping list since it was released and when my friend came to town and we went shopping it was inevitable that it would come home with me, first because thats always what happens when we go shopping together and second lets face it i have no will power when it come to make up lol. 

this little beauty set me back $48 but i am in love. the naked 2 palette has been a firm favourite of mine (post here) since i got it but i might be loving this one even more. it has 12 shadows, a full row of matter shades and a full row of shimmer ones which is great because there are just some days when shimmer simply won't do. the shadows themselves are so soft and blend so easily and with in the palette i think there are a great range of colours. for me the colour pay off is amazing and even the matte shades are really pigmented. i use an eyeshadow primer with all my eyeshadows and for these find that the colours last all day :)

the shimmery shades are chocolate (brown with pink and silver shimmer running through), african violet (my favourite shade and very unique, gorgeous pinky/violet shade with gold shimmer), sable (silvery taupe colour with slight shimmer), guava (soft pink shadow with silver shimmer), cameo (peachy colour with gold shimmer) and finally sunlit (pale gold with similar colour shimmer). sunlit, cameo, african violet and chocolate are all luster eye colours while guava and sable are sateen eye colours. the palette also contains the matte shades vanilla nuts (perfect brow bone highlighter), plum smoke (soft purple/taupe shade), café au lait and coffee ground (loving these shades mixed for my eyebrows, soft brown and a deep brown), deep night ( matte navy blue) and finally rich coffee (very dark brown, almost black).

i am really happy with this palette, the packaging is gorgeous - a soft mock snake skin in the signature laura mercier dark purple shade, i also love that it has a huge mirror in the case, perfect for applying on the go :D overall for me the colours are gorgeous and right up my street, i've been playing with it since i got it and am loving the colour combinations you can create with just this palette. 

l-r chocolate, african violet, sable, guava, cameo and sunlit

l-r vanilla nuts, plum smoke, café au lait, coffee ground, deep night and rich coffee

Monday, November 26, 2012

bath and body works candles

i recently did a little shopping in bath and body works and while their products are all amazing it was their candles that i completely fell for. i decided to grab the smallest size so i could sample loads of different fragrances and boy did i :)

vanilla snowflake - the delectable fragrance of creamy vanilla, winter mint and a touch of coconut evokes a dreamy snowflake filled day
cinnamon frosting - top off holiday celebrations with the scrumptious scent of grated cinnamon and cloves, vanilla bean and whipped buttercream
merry mistletoe - a magical blend of frosted cranberries, blue spruce and iced citrus make this merry fragrance perfect for every celebration this year
white barn no.1 nutmeg and spice - a warm and cozy fragrance inspired by an elegant mixture of nutmeg and all of autumn's very best spices
evergreen - the festive sent of fir needles, winter pine and a touch of white birch is a true winter celebration
winter - a fragrance that conjures up the moment when glittering icicles and sparkling snow transform the landscape - notes of pine needles, fir balsam and winter woods
peppermint mocha - treat yourself to the fragrance of one of winters sweetest pleasures - peppermint, vanilla cream and cocoa topped with marshmallow
marshmallow fireside - a sweet toasty end to a long cold day, toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend with the comforting aroma of rich smouldering woods

my favourite has to be cinnamon frosting, i literally want to eat it with a spoon! it is so yummy :) i cant wait for their sale again as i am definitely going to get the big size in the candles.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

mini haul - benefit, lush and fresh

so today i thought i would share with you my little haul from this week. i popped into lush to check out the new christmas stock as it has been raved about all over youtube and the blogging world and was really impressed. they have some lovely gifts but i was pulled in by their new shower gels. twilight has to be my favourite, its packed with lavender and shimmer which i love as lavender is my favourite scent and who doesn't love a bit of shimmer. the other one i bought was ponche simply because i was so intrigued that it is an orange juice and tequila shower gel. i cant smell the alcohol at all just the lovely fresh orange scent but its nice all the same. i love to use ponche in the mornings as its very energising and twilight at night as for me lavender is a very soothing and calming fragrance. 

the other brand that made up the majority of this haul was benefit. i have been looking at the benefit blushes for ages but couldn't decide which one to try but it the end it was hervana that i bought home with me. firstly the look of it is amazing, the blush contains spirals of rose and berry shades that when swirled together achieve a lovely pinky glow on the cheeks. little side note how amazing to benefit blushes smell! i also picked up the bad gal lash mascara, which is incredible. if you are afraid of humongous brushes though i might steer clear of this one. but i loved it, it makes my lashes super long with only a couple of coats. i picked up the pore professional after loving a sample i had of it, it helps to mattify my skin and reduce my pores. and the lovely sales lady also gave me samples of the watts up highlighter, which gives a lovely creamy golden finish, and the laugh with me lee lee perfume.

finally i picked up the fresh sugar lip polish. their lipbalms are gorgeous but i really wanted to try this product as it makes such a difference to the surface of the lips and then the application and look of lipstick. this is fab! it smells so yummy i have to stop myself from licking my lips when using it lol its fine particles buff my lips lovely with hardly any effort. do you have any of the products i bought and if so what did you think?

Friday, November 23, 2012

sinful colours last chance

i know it is barely after thanksgiving but i am in full festive swing and like last week my nail polish is definitely painting the same picture, then it was snowy white and this week its christmas tree green. i cannot wait for christmas to get here, its my favourite holiday. so let me paint you a picture, i am sat writing this post in comfy xmas pj's with a cinnamon frosting candle burning and drinking a warm spicy hot chocolate, love love love :) any way back to the colour adorning my nails this week. i love sinful colours, their polishes are ridiculously affordable and they have a fab range of colours. this one named last chance, took a couple of coats to get opaque but i think its well worth it. the green is lovely and suitable for the season. even thought the brand itself is cheap i find the quality of the product really good, i can wear this three days before chips start to appear. what do you guys think? are you in the festive mood like me already?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving :D

image via
gotta love this picture :D just a quick note from me today as by the time many of you read this i will be stuffing myself silly with turkey, sweat potatoes and pumpkin pie :D have a lovely thanksgiving everyone

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

black friday favs

as an english girl black friday is a relatively new concept for me but one i am loving! the sale i am most excited for is happening at sephora, i know shock shock horror horror lol. but i am loving what they have got to offer. these little bundles have been put together for only $10 a piece! the products are full size and worth way more than that. i love this idea as it means you can try a new brand and if you don't like it you won't have forked out loads for the items if you don't like them. there are 15 sets and these are my favourites :)

bare minerals let it glow set is an all over face powder that provides natural luminosity and is used to highlight the cheeks, forehead and chin. if the brush is also included in the set this is an amazing one. philosophy purity made simple is a one step facial cleanser that quickly dissolves dirt and makeup on the skin at the same time as deep cleaning the pores. tarte has created a set which contains a full size gifted mascara that increases lash volume due to the added amazonian clay and a mini multileye lash primer. the josie maran set contains bear naked wipes and bear naked nail wipes, how cute is the polar bear packaging :) lorac behind the scenes eye primer and shadow make up the contents of their set, the first preventing creases in your eyeshadow while the second adds some gorgeous colour. finally buxom  has the in the spot light set, which contains an amplified lash mascara and a big and healthy lipstick.

i am loving these offers and will definitely be sitting by my computer waiting to get my hands on them. i am particularly excited about the lorac and buxom sets as both are brands i have yet to try and am so glad that both of these sets have multiple products as i can try a few. what things do you have your eyes on for black friday?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

korres lip butters

if you saw this post (here) you guys already know that i love a good lipbalm and the ones that i cannot get enough of lately are the korres lip butters. these gorgeous little pots contain on of the best lip balms ever for me. they are so hydrating and leave lips feeling so soft, plus they are wonderfully pigmented. there are seven shades at the moment; jasmine, guava, mango, pomegranate, quince, plum and wild rose. i have the three pictured below but in all honesty i can see my collection growing pretty soon as all the colours are just so pretty. pomegranate i bought at the end of the summer and for me is more of a summer shade as it is a gorgeous coral colour. quince is a fuchsia shade that i love but my current favourite has to be plum, a deep burgundy colour. even though the colour pay off with these is fab they are a balm so if you are wanting to try out new colours but aren't ready for lipstick these are fab :D

l-r plum, quince, pomegranate