Friday, November 2, 2012

adventures of brad and kendra guest post

hey guys, hope you are enjoying your week :D today i have another lovely lady looking after the lily white english rose for me today fellow seattle-ite kendra from the adventures of brad and kendra :)

Hi, I'm Kendra from Adventures of Brad & Kendra and I'm happy to be here today on Jess' blog.  I can't believe that November is already here and holiday gift-giving is just around the corner. Today I wanted to share some ideas for gifts and making memories.

Before heading out at midnight to stand in line for that amazing deal on a flat screen TV or GPS consider if your lost sleep is worth the deal. This past year I found many deals online that went live at midnight eastern (and I live in Seattle which meant it was 9PM here). Buying online also lets you go through ebates so you can get additional cash back as well! 

Consider small businesses or Etsy shops. Etsy stores allow you to find custom and personalized gifts. Your friend/sister/niece probably won't remember that you gave them a DVD but they most likely would think of you each time they wore the personalized necklace you gave them. These two items could have the same cost but one has such a bigger impact.  I would love to make you a custom item through my Etsy Store: Simply {Darr}ling!

Photo books are great for grandparents who would like yearly photos of the grandkids. Shutterfly often has their books on sale and the 8x8 can be easily bought for under $30.  Sometimes these books also show up on Groupon for an even bigger discount.

If you would like to give a memory instead of of an item then Groupon or Living Social is a great option. Not only do you get a good deal on it, it offers ideas that somebody might not do by themselves. 

Are you crafty? Pinterest has lots of ideas for simple crafts that can look amazing. Something as simple as a piece of wood with vinyl lettering and paint can become a wonderful gift. As we get closer to Christmas there are bound to be more DIY tutorials for gifts as well.

If you are a great baker (or good at following directions) come up with a signature item that you make at Christmas time and give it as a gift so that everybody looks forward to that item each year.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you as the holidays approach and they give your imagination the spark that it needs.

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